The UNPO General Assembly Calls Upon the International Community to Actively Support Struggles for Freedom, Justice, Non-violence and Democracy in every Part of the World


The Hague, the Netherlands. 27 June 2005

The UNPO VII General Assembly concluded its three-day session, starting with the Opening Ceremony on Friday 24 June in The Great Hall of Justice in the Peace Palace, with participation of UNPO Member delegations from the 63 Nations, Peoples, Minorities, and Indigenous Peoples representing over 200 million oppressed peoples all over the world.

The UNPO General Assembly pays homage to the voices of the victims of all forms of oppression, foreign occupation and alien domination, and other violations of International Law and Human Rights that is taking place in so many parts of the world, and all those who struggle against these injustices through non-violence, dialogue and civil struggle.

UNPO condemns all states, corporations and others entities who perpetrate oppression and gross human rights violation against the Peoples who are fighting for freedom, democracy and justice and reiterates its commitment to reject and end the indiscriminate use of violence, including all forms of terrorism.

UNPO remains strongly committed to the values of the right to life, freedom, justice, peace, non-violence and democracy, as enshrined in the UNPO Covenant.

The General Assembly elected as Chairman Göran Hansson (Scania) and as Vice-Chairwoman Tsering Jampa (Tibet) and Mary Simat (Maasai).

Marino Busdachin was unanimously re-elected as UNPO General Secretary.

The Presidency of the General Assembly is composed of: Maxim Gunjia (Republic of Abkhazia), Lilla Balasz (Hungarian Minority in Romania), Muzaffer Arslan (Iraqi Turkmen), Thach Thach (Khmer Krom), Edita Tahiri (Kosova), Reynaldo Mariqueo (Mapuche), Ledum Mitee (Ogoni), Nfor Ngala Nfor (Southern Cameroons), May-Sing Yang (Taiwan), and Erkin Alptekin (Uyghurs).