Tunisian journalist sentenced to four months for defamation

Prima News

TUNISIA. A court in the Tunisian city of Zarzis on July 18 sentenced journalist Abdallah Zouari to four months in jail. The court held that the journalist’s complaint about being barred from using a cybercafe amounted to “defamation” against the manageress of this cafe.

According to the Paris-based press rights group, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Abdallah Zouari worked for Al Fajr, unofficial organ of the Islamist An Nahda movement. Zouari has been living in internal exile in Zarzis since June 6 of last year, when he was freed from prison after 11 years for “belonging to an illegal organization.” In August of last year he was sentenced to eight month’s imprisonment by a Zarzis court for refusing to obey the restriction order by living in the capital Tunis.
“Zouari has been constantly harassed and spied on for months,” said RSF. On April 19 of this year the journalist was barred from the cybercafe in Zarzis. When he said he would call his lawyer, the manageress sued him for defamation.