The transnational transparty

The transnational transparty ABSTRACT: Argentina, Bosnia Hercegovina, Burkina Faso, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, European Parliament, Georgia, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Northern Ireland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, Spain, the Supreme Soviet of the ex-Soviet Union, Switzerland, the Ukraine, and the United States: Ministers, parliamentarians, Nobel Prize-Winners and leading figures from the world of science, art, and culture are building a direct-membership, nonviolent, federalist and democratic force. (THE PARTY NEW - N. 5 - FEBRUARY 1992) Argentina Arturo Goetz, former member of the World Food Council. Azerbaijan Mahmed Abasov, independent deputy. Bosnia Hercegovina Senad Sahinpasic, member of Parliament, Democratic Action Party. Burkina Faso Salif Diallo, former Minister of Employment; Basile Guissou, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation. Canada Marie André Bertrand, criminologist, President of the International Anti-Prohibitionist League (LIA). Czechoslovakia Vojtech Wagner, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Members of the Federal Assembly: Istvan Batta, National Minority Coalition (Egyuttels) and Peter Serences, PDS (ex-PCI). Members of the Czech National Parliament: Pavel Balcarek, Jaromir Kapusta, Ladislav Krcma and Vladimir Zeman, Movement for the Democratic Autonomy of Moravia-Slesia (HSD-SMS); Dezidér Balog, Ondrej Gina and Zdenek Guzi, Romany Civic Initiative (ROI); Miroslav Wolf, Civic Democratic Party (ODS). The following are also members: Michal Husak, President of the ROI Party of the Czech Republic; Emil Scuka, President of the ROI and Secretary General of the World Romany Union. European Community Commission Carlo Ripa di Meana, commissioner for the Environment, Nuclear Security, Civil Protection. Ivory Coast Francis Wodie, deputy, secretary general of the Workers' Party. Croatia Franjo Greguric, President of the Government; Zdravko Tomac, Vice-President of the Government, member of the executive of the Democratic Reform Party (SDP); Drazen Budisa, Minister without portfolio, President of the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HLS); Vlado Veselica, Minister without portfolio, Croatian Democratic Party (HDS). Antun Abramovic, parliamentarian, professor of History, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ); Vera Babic, parliamentarian, jurist, independent; Ivan Bacic, parliamentarian; Dalibor Brozovic, Vice-President of the HDZ; Branko Caratan, professor of Political Science (SDP); Milan Djukic, President of the Serbian Popular Party in Croatia, responsible for the government office for relations between national minorities; Alojz Dubiel, parliamentarian u2e. (HDZ); Ivan Dujmovic, parliamentarian, elected to the Chamber of Commons in Zagreb (HDZ); Ivan Hren, parliamentarian, engineer (HDZ); Zvonimir Hrgovic, parliamentarian, political scientist (HDZ); Ivo Jelic, parliamentarian, elected in Dubrovnik in the Croatian Popular Party; Drago Kastratovic, editor-in-chief of the weekly "Free Croatia", Vice-President of the Croatian Social Democratic Party; Dragoljub Kraljevic, parliamentarian, elected in Buje; Drago Krpina, parliamentarian, teacher (HDZ); Dusko Malesevic, Councillor for Culture in the city of Zagreb, member of the city assembly; Zeljko Mazar, parliamentarian, President of the Socialist Party (SSH); Stjepan Mesic, jurist, parliamentarian, last president of the ex-Yugoslavia; Jadranko Mijalic, parliamentarian, economist, Croatian Socialist Liberal Party (HSLS); Vesna Mihelic-Vili, "Bedem Ljubavi" (Bastion of Love) Association (the mothers of Croatian soldiers in the federal army); Ottone Novosel, editor-in-chief of the daily "Vjesnik"; Miroslav Pavin, parliamentarian (HDZ); Jaroslav Reinold, member of the Presidency of the HSLS; Josip Valincic, parliamentarian, elected in Osijek (HDZ); Viekoslav Studen, deputy (HDZ); Dafinka Vecerina, member of the executive Council of the Croatian Social Liberal Party; Vjekoslav Zugaj, parliamentarian (HSLS); Miroslav Zupanic, parliamentarian (HDZ). Georgia Mamuka Tsagarelli, deputy in the Congress of Georgia, amongst the leaders of the Democratic Party for the Independence of Georgia. Zurab Mamaladze, member of the League for human rights of Georgian Moslems. Kirghiz Tynygbek Tabyldnev, deputy in the Supreme Soviet. Kosovo Abdullah Karjagdiu, Vice-President of the Christian Democrat Party; Iliaz Ramajli, President of the Parliament, in exile, member of the Albanian Democratic Union; Mirie Rushani, Vice-President of the Liberal Party. Northern Ireland Mairead Maguire Corrigan, Nobel Prize for Peace, 1978. Israel Shulamit Aloni, deputy in the Knesset, leader of the Movement for Civil Rights and Peace (Ratz). Italy Carlo Tognoli, former Mayor of Milan, Minister for Tourism and the Performing Arts, Socialist Party. René Andreani, Gianni Lanzinger and Gianni Mattioli, Green Group, Chamber of Deputies; Willer Bordon, Carmine Nardone, PDS (ex-PCI); Gaetano Azzolina, Luciano Caveri, Franco Piro, Tomaso Staiti, Mixed Group; Giovan Battista Columbu, Sardinian Action Party; Felice Borgoglio, Giorgio Cardetti, former Mayor of Turin, Mauro Del Bue, Giacomo Mancini, former secretary of the Socialist Party, Gianstefano Milani, Giovanni Nonne, former under-secretary at the Merchant Navy and the Treasury, Mario Raffaelli, former under-secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Co-operation, Socialist Group; Emma Bonino, Peppino Calderisi, president, Roberto Cicciomessere, Giovanni Negri, Ilona Staller, Sergio Stanzani, Sandro Tessari, Bruno Zevi, European Federalist Group; Franco Corleone, Domenico Modugno, Lorenzo Strik Lievers, president, Massimo Teodori, European Federalist Ecologist Group in the Senate. Latvia Alexej Zotov, deputy in the Supreme Soviet. Michail Malkiel, "honoured scientist"; Vladimir Markov, president, "Latvian Fund for Housing Reconstruction"; Ogest Treilons, Latvian Democratic Union; Pavlovic Zakarov, head of the office for international relations in the city of Riga. European Parliament Adelaide Aglietta, president, Virginio Bettini, Marco Taradash (elected on the "Anti-prohibitionist" list), Green Group; Enzo Mattina, Socialist Group; Raul Morodo, Spain, of the "Centro Democratico y social" (CDS); Marco Pannella, Non-Aligned Group (elected on the "Liberals, Republicans, Federalists" list). Romania Parliamentarians: Ionel Ardelean, Ioan Bivolaru, Ioan Catarig, Vasile Diacon, Octavian Dogariu, Aurel Neculai Gavan, Constantin Ivanovic, secretary of the Defence Committee, Gherghita Lupau, Tiberiu Macovei, Gheorghe Marcu, Vasile Nistor, Adrian Silistraru, Ion Ursache, Adrian Videanu, Alexandru Vilaia, Ioan Adrian Vilau, Mihai Voicu, National Salvation Front (FSN); Viorica Edelhauser, National Liberal Party; Ioan Iectu, Corina Ion-Iosif, Ecologist Party; Vasile Lascu, Traditional Social Democratic Party; Anton Lintzmayer, representative of the Polish minority; Anton Nicolau, representative of the Greek minority; Petru Dumitru Pop, Romanian National Union; Gheorghe Raducanu, President of the Democratic Romany Party of Romania; Stefan Tcaciuc, representative of the Ukrainian minority; Erno Borbely and Laszlo Zsigmond, Magyar Democratic Union. Ion Bidiia Dumitri, Vice-President of the Democratic Romany Party. Russia Tatjana Ivanovna Korjagina, deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Republic. Deputies in the Lensoviet: Gleb Levbedev, Dimitri Zapolskij. Deputies in the Mossoviet: Vladimir Grinshkin, President of the Legislative Committee; Alexander Kalinin, Alexander Koshevarov, Liberal Fraction; Lev Ivanov, President of the Housing Committee; Anatoly Zheludkov, Green Party. Petr Sidorov, deputy in the Soviet of Belgorod. Maria Ivanian, Secretary of the Green Party in the Moscow region; Evgenij Khramov, poet, journalist. Serbia Sulejman Ugljanin, President of the National Council of Moslems in Serbia and President of the Democratic Action Party. Slovenia Zoran Thaler, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liberal Party. Ivan Mesicek, deputy, Slovenian Democratic Coalition; Maslie Rasim, President of the Moslem Democratic Party. Somalia Mohamed Aden Sheik, one of the leaders of Siad Barre's so-called "revolution without bloodshed". Supreme Soviet of the ex-Soviet Union Oktay Ahmedov, Etibar Mamedov, ex-members of the Central Committee of the Komsomol; Nikolaj Engver. Spain Fernando Savater, political scientist, sociologist, leader writer for "El Pais". United States Hans Walter Janitschek, former Secretary General of the Socialist International; George Wald, Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1967. Switzerland Paul Gunter, member of Parliament, Alliance of Independents, joint group with the Protestant Party (LDU-EVP). Ukraine Deputies in the Supreme Soviet of the Ukraine: Vjaceslav Chornovoj, President of the Soviet of Lvov, President of the Supreme Soviet; Vladimir Moskovka, Vice-President of the Ukrainian United Social Democratic Party. Andrej Kovalj, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party; Vladimir Zolotarev, co-President of the Constitutional Democratic Party of the Ukraine. Hungary Laszlo Rajk, deputy, Alliance of Free Democrats.