TIBETAN UPRISING DAY: Participation of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational & Transparty

Remembering the massacre of thousands of Tibetan citizens by the Chinese government on March 10th, 1959. On the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the insurgency of Lhasa, radical militants participated in the manifestations in Brussels, Florence, Rome and Turin.


In Brussels over 4000 people from 27 European Tibetan communities, personalities, parliamentarians, NGO’s and pro-Tibet organizations held a big European manifestation, “10 March European Rally” to which the Radical Party participated with a delegation led by Matteo Mecacci, President of INPAT ((International Network for Parliamentarians on Tibet) and Matteo Angioli, Member of the General Council of the Radical Party. For more information: http://www.lightsontibet.org/?p=565



Con Matteo Angioli, Matteo Mecacci, Michel Hancisse e Alessia Cogliandro.
Michel Hancisse, Alessia Cogliandro and Matteo Angioli.

Matteo MeccaciMatteo Meccaci


Manifestation promoted by the Associazione Radicale Andrea Tamburi and the Radical Party, in front of the Chinese consulate in Florence- Via dei Della Robbia with Maurizio Buzzegoli and Massimo Lensi.




Pro-Tibet manifestation in Largo dei Lombardi (Via del Corso). A delegation of the Radical Party, led by Rocco Berardo, President of the Intergroup on Tibet of the Regional Council of Lazio, and Sergio Rovasio, Member of the General Council of the Radical Party was present at the initiative, promoted by the Vice-President of the European Parliament Roberta Angelilli and by the Tibetan community in Italy. The manifestation was held simultaneously with the European rally in Brussels and wants to express its solidarity with the Tibetan people and to recall attention for the grave human rights violations committed by the Chinese government in Tibet.


Since a couple of days the Tibetan flag has been waiving at the communal hall, at its entrance in Palazo Civico. A meeting was held there, promoted by radical militant Bruno Mellano, the Organization of Cities, Provinces and Regions for Tibet, and Giovanni Maria Ferraris, President of the Turin Communal Council.

Translation by Laura Harth