Tibet Dalai Lama: 149 parlamentarians sign welcome letter of Hon. Mecacci, Vernetti, Malan.

114 Parliamentarians have signed a letter welcoming the Dalai Lama to Rome for the World Parliamentarians Conference on Tibet, which opens tomorrow. The letter, initiated by Hon Matteo Mecacci (PD), President of the Parliamentary Inter-group for Tibet, espresses the hope that the Italian government will fully acknowledge the significance of the Dalai Lama’s tireless work in seeking a genuine autonomy and an end to repression in Tibet. It also thanks the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini, for allowing the International conference to take place in the Italian Parliament.

The Dalai Lama arrives in Rome today to address the 5th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet at the Chamber of Deputies, the Italian Parliament. In the sole press availability of his two-day visit to the city, the Dalai Lama will speak to press at 1300 hours on Wednesday, November 18 at the press room of the Chamber of Deputies (Sala del Mappamondo). The opening and closing ceremonies of the conference are also open to the media.

A full copy of the letter and its signatories is below.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama,

We Deputies and Senators,

Take this opportunity to welcome you to Italy, to Rome, and to the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

We thank you for choosing to honor the 5th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet with your participation, which will take place next week in the Italian Chamber of Deputies. We are thankful for this and, in particular, to the President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Honorable Gianfranco Fini, who has allowed this international meeting to take place within the confines of the Italian Parliament, which will have the honor of hosting, along with you, more than 60 parliamentarians from 30 different countries around the world.

Over the course of the past decades, which have seen you as an active force in the international political scene, we have come to value how your faith in non-violence as a non-ideological political instrument for the promotion of peace, human rights, and democracy has strengthened, notwithstanding the terrible and tragic difficulties that you have had to face along with your people, and that unfortunately do not seem destined to diminish.

After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, you stated: “I feel honored, humbled and deeply moved that you should give this important prize to a simple monk from Tibet. I am no one special. I accept the prize with profound gratitude on behalf of the oppressed everywhere and for all those who struggle for freedom and work for world peace. I accept it as a tribute to the man who founded the modern tradition of non-violent action for change Mahatma Gandhi whose life taught and inspired me. And, of course, I accept it on behalf of the six million Tibetan people, my brave countrymen and women inside Tibet, who have suffered and continue to suffer so much… I believe all religions pursue the same goals, that of cultivating human goodness and bringing happiness to all human beings. Though the means might appear different, the ends are the same.”

Today, as then, your decision and that of the representatives of the Tibetan people in exile, to assure through dialogue, a true political, cultural, social and religious autonomy for the Tibetan population, represents a forward-looking choice of great value and political wisdom, not only for the issues regarding Tibet, but for the entire world.

We hope that Italy, beginning with its official institutions, will use the occasion to accept and appreciate, now more than on past occasions, the profound and universal significance of the non-violent struggle for the complete freedom of the Tibetan population within the evolution and civil progress of all the peoples of China.

Hon. Matteo Mecacci (PD)
President of the Parliamentary Inter-group for Tibet

Hon. Gianni Vernetti (MISTO)                                             Sen. Lucio Malan (PDL)
Vice President Parliamentary Inter-group for Tibet             Vice President Parliamentary Inter-group for Tibet

On. Ferdinando Adornato (UDC), On. Angelo Alessandri (Lega Nord), On. Sesa Amici (PD), On. Roberto Antonione (PDL), Sen. Asciutti Franco (PDL), On. Giovanni B. Bachelet (PD), Sen. Mario Baldassarri (PDL), On. Luca Barbareschi PDL), On. Mario Barbi (PD), On. Pier Paolo Baretta (PD), On. Marco Beltrandi (Radicali-PD), On. Rita Bernardini (Radicali-PD), On. Anna Maria Bernini Bovicelli (PDL), On. Isabella Bertolini (PDL), Sen. Maria Teresa Bertuzzi (PD), On. Michaela Biancofiore (PDL), On. Paola Binetti (PD), On. Giampiero Bocci (PD), On. Costantino Boffa (PD), Sen. Emma Bonino (Radicali-PD), On. Margherita Boniver (PDL), On. Chiara Braga (PD), On. Sandro Brandolini (PD), Sen. Alessio Butti (PDL), On. Gabriella Carlucci (PDL), Sen. Valerio Carrara (PDL), On. Susanna Cenni (PD), Sen. Vannino Chiti (PD), On. Pasquale Ciriello (PD), On. Lucia Codurelli (PD), On. Furio Colombo (PD), Sen. Giampiero D’Alia (UDC), On. Cesare Damiano (PD), Sen. Roberto Della Seta (PD), On. Benedetto Della Vedova (PDL), On. Marcello Di Caterina (PDL), On. Anita Di Giuseppe (IDV), Sen. Nicola Paolo Di Girolamo (PDL), On. Giovanni Dima (PDL), Sen. Sergio Divina (Lega Nord), On. Gianpaolo Dozzo (Lega Nord), On. Stefano Esposito (PD), On. Fabio Evangelisti (IDV), On. Maria Antonietta Farina Coscioni (Radicali-PD), On. Enrico Farinone (PD), On. Pierangelo Ferrari (PD), Sen. Alberto Filippi (Lega Nord), Sen. Marco Filippi (PD), Sen. Anna Finocchiaro (PD), Sen. Maurizio Fistarol (PD), Sen. Salvo Fleres (PDL), Sen. Andrea Fluttero (PDL), On. Benedetto Fucci (PDL), On. Laura Froner (PD), Sen. Mirella Giai (UDC), On. Giuseppe Giulietti (MISTO), On. Maria Luisa Gnecchi (PD), Sen. Manuela Granaiola (PD), On. Franco Laratta (PD), On. Touadi Jean Leonard (PD), On. Beatrice Lorenzin (PDL), Sen. Luigi Lusi (PD), On. Riccardo Migliori (PDL), On. Mimmo Lucà (PD), On. Gianni Mancuso (PDL), Sen. Alberto Maritati (PD), On. Giovanna Melandri (PD), Sen. Pietro Marcenaro (PD), Sen. Andrea Marcucci (PD), On. Antonio Martino (PDL), On. Marco Marsilio (PDL), On. Donella Mattesini (PD), On. Federica Mogherini (PD), On. Enrico Montani (Lega Nord), On. Carmen Motta (PD), On. Delia Murer (PD), Sen. Enrico Musso (PDL), On. Alessandra Mussolini (PDL), On. Franco Narducci (PD), On. Fiamma Nirenstein (PDL), On. Carmine Patarino (PDL), Sen Andrea Pastore (PDL), Sen. Marco Perduca (Radicali-PD), On. Caterina Pes (PD), On. Guglielmo Picchi (PDL), On. Guglielmo Picetti (PDL), Sen. Adriana Poli Bortone (UDC-SVS-AUT.), Sen. Donatella Poretti (Radicali-PD), On. Fabio Porta (PD), Sen. Guido Possa (PDL), On. Enzo Raisi (PDL), Sen. Luigi Ramponi (PDL), Sen. Antonino Randazzo (PD), On. Simonetta Rubinato (PD), On. Antonio Rugghia (PD), On. Andrea Sarubbi (PD), On. Alessandra Siragusa (PD), On. Gerardo Soglia (PDL), On. Marcello Taglialatela (PDL), On. Walter Tocci (PD), On. Mario Tullo (PD), On. Maurizio Turco (Radicali-PD), On. Walter Verini (PD), On. Raffaello Vignali (PDL), Sen. Luigi Vimercati (PD), On. Marco Zacchera (PDL), On. Elisabetta Zamparutti (Radicali-PD), Pierfelice Zazzera (IDV).