Kiev, 23 June, 1992

We, participants of the opened assembly of the Radical Party's members from Kiev and Kiev region, express our serious solicitude about the situation, which has place during the last time in Eastern regions of Moldavia and Georgian region of Tskhinvali.

The clashes between Moldavian police and para-military troops of Transnistrian separatists, which last already not one month, risque in the last time to become a full-scale war also because of intervention into the internal conflict the forces from outside, which are interested in the pumping of tension - in particularly, Kazaks. However the combat actions on side of separatists by units of 14th army of Russian armed forces, which became to be out of Russian president's control and contradict to his declaration about withdrawal of 14th army from Moldavia, force to estimate the situation as Russian AGGRESSION against the neighboring state - member of UN and CSCE.

To the same conclusions lead the events of the last days in the region of Tskhinvali - the helicopter attack of the Russian Air Force on the line of Georgian national guard crossed out all the peaceful attempts of the sides, involved into that conflict. The provocative declaration by president of Russian parliament Ruslan Khasbulatov about the possibility of one-side revision of Russian-Georgian borders and anschluss of Southern Osetia (which is a part of Georgia) to Russia.

The steps, directed to the revision of borders (it is possible to add also recently declared Russian territorial claims to Ukraine), to the creating of new geo-political realities by means of weapon, undertaking by the influential pro-empire, chauvinist forces inside the Russian leadership, which are connected with the names of Russian vice president Aleksandr Rutskoj, president of parliament Ruslan Khasbulatov and defence minister Pavel Grachev, contradict to the principles of CSCE and norms of international law. Such behavior of Russia can not escape the analogies with the position of Serbian regime of Slobodan Milosevic, which begun the bloody war for the repartition of borders in ex-Yugoslavia and was condemned by international community, fairly and decisively.

We appeal Ukrainian president, to define clearly and decisively the Ukrainian position in connection with AGGRESSION, undertaken near its borders.

The 14th army has to be withdrawn from Moldavia according Mr Yeltsyn's decision or to be given under the submission of Moldavian government.

EC and UN have to consider the conflict in Moldavia like the events in ex-Yugoslavia.

We demand from the Russian government to stop immediately the AGGRESSION, to withdraw from Moldavia and Georgia all the troops being under its submission without any postponing, to stop the military aid to para-military troops in Transnistria and Southern Osetia. Russian and Ukrainian authorities have also to undertake the effective measures to prevent participation of its citizens in combat actions in Transnistrian rayons of Moldavia and Tskhinvali region of Georgia.

We appeal to the world public with proposal to make impact on Russian and Moldavian government, demanding to prevent the war in Moldavia, pregnant by involving of other states.

Addressing to the participants of 2nd conference of Radical Party's members from CIS countries, Baltic states and Georgia, which will take place in Moscow at 4-5 of July, this year, we appeal to consider the question about the Russian AGGRESSION against its neighbors and to express their clear condemning of such actions.