Special motion. Campaign against the massacre and the systematic violation of the human rights of migrants

first signatory Irene Abigail Piccinini
The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty
The grave responsibilities of the European and Western institutions over the massacre of migrants and the systematic violations of their human rights which constitute one of the most obvious and substantial "Shoah nuclei" of our times;
Deems it necessary
to raise the collective awareness over the moral responsibilities of Western societies, such that no Western or European citizen may say that he or she "did not know";
Commits governing bodies:
  1. to establish an international forum to urgently tackle this dramatic event, in the hope that Western countries may promote immigration policies aimed at preserving the life and promoting the respect of the human rights of migrants;
  2. to launch an international information campaign on the history and on the lives of migrants, in collaboration with the schools of the EU Member States. Such a campaign will help promote the spirit of European citizenship, knowing that the European common home must be built first and foremost based on the respect for the lives and human rights of those who are not yet European Citizens but who aspire to become such.