(Brussels, 6 June 1991) - Soviet delegation studying situation of conscientious objection in Belgium (including two Radical members - Nikolaj KHRAMOV and Aleksandr PRONOZIN) meet today with Hugo VAN DIENDEREN, member of Belgian Parliament for the Greens, spokesman on defence and international issues, member of the Commission of Defence and the Commission of Foreign Affairs. The official meeting was organized in the building of Belgian Parliament.

Except the problem of conscientious objection in the USSR, Radicals touched while the conversation the question of United States of Europe including East European, Baltic and Soviet countries. In connection with this subject they underlined the necessity of unified European low on conscientious objection which must be obligatory for all European states. Radicals expressed their conviction about urgency of teamwork for all European democratic political forces to legitimate right of conscientious objection in Greece, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and other European counties, where this right does not exist yet.

In his part Hugo Van Dienderen accented that Belgian Greens, unlike their German colleagues, many or less accept the federalist idea of United States of Europe. He was agree also with demand of European pressure on Soviet government to recognize right of conscientious objection and to introduce alternative civilian service.