SECULARISM AND RELIGIONS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION: the French, Italian and Spanish emergencies


Angiolo Bandinelli, Member of the Executive Board Radicali Italiani (Italian Radicals). Former Secretary of the Radical Party, Radical deputy to the Italian Parliament, Municipal Councillor in Rome. Essayist and freelance journalist.
Title of the intervention: Italian Radicals’ “religious” anti-clericalsm

José Maria Castillo,, Theologian and Jesuit. Former professor of theology at the University of Granada. He is considered among the great men of modern theology.
Title of the intervention: Pluralism of beliefs. Unity of believers: is it possible? Problems and possible solutions.

Giulio Cossu,, Professor of embryology and medical histology at the La Sapienza University of Rome. Director of the Stem Cell Institute at the San Raffaele Hospital of Milan
Title of the intervention: Stem cells: reality, prospects and fears

Frances Kissling,, President of Catholics for a Free Choice
Title of the intervention: Women and the Catholic Church

Walter Lesch,, Professor of Moral Theology at the Catholic University of Louvain

Luigi Lombardi Vallauri,, Professor of Philosophy of Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Florence

Sandro Magister,, Essayist on the political history of the Church in Italy. Correspondent for the weekly “L’espresso”
Title of the intervention: The Vatican today under the challenge of secularism

Armando Massarenti,, Supervisor of the “Science and Philosophy” page of the cultural supplement of “Il Sole 24 ore”. Publisher of the magazine “Etica ed Economia”

Maurizio Mori,, Coordinator of the Bioethics section of the Centro Studi Politeia in Milan. Founding partner and secretary of the Bioethics Council of Milan. Founder and director of the magazine "Bioetica". Member of the board of directors of the International Association of Bioethics; Professor of Bioethics at the University of Pisa

Herni Pena-Ruiz,, Philosopher.

Margarita Pintos,, Theologian of the John XXIII Association; Directress of the Seminary of Feminist Theology at the Carlos III University of Madrid
Title of the intervention: This is my body – Reproductive and sexual rights in a secular society.

Jacques Pohier,, former Dean of Moral Theology at the Pontifical faculty of Saulchoir, director of the magazine "Concilium", President of the association for the right to die in dignity.

Giancarlo Zizola,, Writer and journalist. Vatican watcher for “Il Sole 24 ore”, after covering the same capacity for “Il Giorno”, “Il Messaggero”, “Panorama”
Title of the intervention: The Vatican and the challenges of ethics

Attilio Mastrocinque,, Professor of Letters and Philosophy at the University of Studies of Verona
Title of the intervention: At the origins of a secular policy: Christianity and empire

Pietro Prini,, Professor emeritus of philosophy at the La Sapienza University of Rome; author of important works, among which essays on Rosmini (1961), History of Existentialism (1989), The Body We Are: Introduction to Ethical Anthropology (1991). He directs various magazines on philosophy: 'Proetus. Rivista di filosofia; 'Cultura e politica'; 'Giornale di metafisica’
Title of the intervention: The Church today as an opening to the subject of the Other

Jacques Vermeylen,, Abbot, Professor at the CETEP – Centre d'Études Théologiques et Pastorales, (Brussels) - and at the Catholic University of Lille

Thierry Tilquin,, priest, Director of the CeFoC, inter-diocesan centre aimed mainly at lay SECULAR topics. Vice-president of the CJC (Catholic Youth Council)

Jean-Pierre Wils,, Researcher in Philosophy and Catholic Theology at the Universities of Louvain and Tubingen

Francesco Pullia,, Scholar of the philosophy of religion
Title of the intervention: Non-violence as a religious opening and overcoming the insufficiencies of secular approaches in comprehension reality

The “Buttiglione case” falsified even in the most obvious episodes that actually took place in the European Parliament can and must offer a redeeming chance of confrontations and voices that appear to us to make up a wealth of knowledge, of human awareness, of lay and civil morality towards the world of those who believe in other “values” rather than those related to power and gold. These are important voices which could incur in the risk of being smothered, silenced and forbidden in our time and in our society.

As laymen we would like to spell out a few words: Vatican Council II, religion of freedom and responsibility, Concordats-Power-Riches, to be and to have, clericalism and anticlericalism, conception and procreation, Reforms and Counter-reforms, ethics and science, non-violence and pacifisms, love and sex, and lastly nobility of politics, dialogue and anywhere appalling sudden reversals of fanaticisms which kill life and hope everywhere in the world…