In line with the 46th independence anniversary celebration programme of Southern Cameroons, SCNC Belgium joined Trans-national Radical Party (TRP) both non-violent organisations in Brussels, Belgium to commemorate the first ever UN international Day of non-violent, 2nd Oct 2007.
The two delegations were led by Rene Morfaw, SCNC Belgium chairman and Hon. Marco Cappato organiser of the Demonstration and leader of the TRP.
Hon. Marco Cappato and Hon. Marco Pamnella besides being leaders of the TRP are equally members of the European Parliament and are championing the campaign against Death penalty which the European Union has adopted a resolution to table at this current session UNGA.
Worthy of note is that fact on the 15th June this year, these two members of the European Parliament Petitioned Justice Julius Nchu Cheo,Bamenda High Court calling on a fair trial of Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor and other SCNC leaders arrested on the 20th Jan 2007 During a press conference in Bamenda, Southern Cameroons. Justice has so far been delayed and denied with Impunity.
Coincidentally that Same 15th June saw the vote by acclamation the resolution instituting October 2rd as the international day of non-violence. As usually violent La Republique du Cameoun proved indifferent with essence of the UN of international day of Non-violence, as evident in the monitor, arbitrary arrest, detention severe physical abuse of numerous SCNC member in the hopes of deterring them from Holding legitimate activities to mark the 46th National Day (1st Oct 2007) of Southern Cameroons.
Violence, the flagrant violations of Human and peoples' rights and UN Resolution pertaining to Southern Cameroons are the trade marks of La Republique Cameroun. This elucidates why violent La Republique Cameroun and non-violent Southern Cameroons are condemned to exist as two sovereigns.

Both SCNC and TRP members dressed in their respective regalia Demonstrated to raise concern against the violence on the people of Burma. The stop of violence against the people of Burma is as good as for Southern Cameroonians.
The SCNC in participating in activities marking the international day of non-violence Demonstrates her commitment to non-violence as a means to attending her objectives.
With the celebration of UN international Day of non-violence; non-violence has now been upheld as the modus operandi in the resolution of conflicts in the world.
We called on the non-violent world to:
(1) To mount diplomatic pressure on the violent annexationist regime of President Paul Biya to Halt its violence on peace loving and law abiding Southern Cameroonians.

(2) Take the Southern Cameroons legitimate case to the UN. ICJ and ICC to end the annexation, colonisation and occupation of Non-violent Southern Cameroons by violent La Republique Cameroun

(3) Recognise the SCNC as the voice of the people non-violent Southern Cameroons
Done in Brussels this Oct 3th 2007.
- Long Live Non-violent SCNC and TRP
- Long Live the right to self – determination
- Long Live UN international day of non-violence.