Russia/Ukraine: Radicals undertake one day of hunger strike at one year of the abduction of pilot Savchenko #FREESAVCHENKO

With one day of hunger strike we want to support the fight of Nadiya Savchenko and all Ukranian democrats, to tell Putin's Russia: It’s time to #FreeSavchenko!

In this conflict, shamefully ignored by the Italian media but one that will have unpredictable consequences and repercussions in all of Europe, a woman has become the nonviolent symbol of the fight for freedom and self-determination of her country. Nadiya Savchenko, awarded with the prestigious Atlantic Council Freedom Award last week, used the only weapon at her disposal in the prison cell where she has been illegaly detained since one year, in violation of the international conventions and respect for diplomatic immunity: the weapon of nonviolence.

With her hunger strike, for a total of 83 days, she showed the world the violence and arrogance of the Putin regime. We hope that Italy, its Institutions, politicians, citizens and so-called civil society may open their eyes and devote attention and commitment to this violation of rights that hurts Europe and our democracies.


Silvja Manzi, Igor Boni, Marco del Ciello, Coordinators Associazione radicale Adelaide Aglietta

Translation: Laura Harth