The Radical position

The Radical position ABSTRACT: Reproduced below is the motion on the situation in what was formerly Yugoslavia approved by the Federal Council of the Radical Party which met in Rome from 19 to 22 September, 1991. This document, which is binding only for the executive organs of the Radical Party, was presented in the days following the Federal Council in Parliaments to which members of the Radical Party have been elected. (The Party New, n.4, September 1991) The Federal Council of the Radical Party, considering that: note must be taken of the fact that according to all standards of international law and domestic law, the Yugoslavian federal institutions no longer have any basis of legality; it is necessary to denounce the lie which states that what is happening in Croatia is a civil war and not an international conflict resulting from an act of aggression; all the consequences must be drawn from the statement of the President of the Federal Republic and the Federal Prime Minister, according to which the army is acting outside and against the orders of the legitimate authorities, and the military operations currently being carried out by the federal army are therefore to be considered to all effects as crimes; it is necessary to denounce the systematic and violent oppression of the Albanian population and the occupation of Kosovo and the total violation of the constitutional norms which guarantee political and administrative independence to that region; it is necessary to denounce with equal force the irresponsible blindness of the international community, and in particular of the European Community, in the face of the war of aggression in progress in Croatia and the persecution of the population of Kosovo; it is necessary to proceed to the recognition of the Republics and the autonomous regions of what was formerly Yugoslavia as subjects of international law, a necessary premise for an effective peace initiative in the region, where democratic and constitutional procedures have sanctioned it; the Security Council of the United Nations must immediately concern itself with the aggression against the Republic of Croatia and the occupation of its territory with the same urgency and determination with which it acted in relation to the Gulf crisis; invites party activists and party members elected to the various parliamentary institutions to undertake all suitable initiatives, agreed upon amongst them, to ensure that: a) action be taken to proceed to the immediate recognition of the Republics of what was formerly Yugoslavia that have democratically proclaimed their independence, that the other Republics and autonomous regions be guaranteed the possibility of doing so, and that legality in Kosovo be restored; b) to ensure that the countries of the European Community stick to the commitments undertaken and proclaimed and therefore immediately fix a deadline, not later than the end of September, before which they will withdraw their ambassadors from Belgrade and put into effect an embargo with respect to Serbia and a ban on Serbian and Croatian air space if the federal army has not withdrawn from Croatia by that time; c) to ensure that the Security Council of the United Nations concern itself, in accordance with articles 41 and 42 of the Charter, with the serious threat to security and peace represented by the aggression currently in progress in Croatia and by the persecution and oppression of the population of Kosovo;èd) to ensure that the European Community, on the basis also of association agreements with the Republics and the autonomous regions of what was formerly Yugoslavia, offer a supernational guarantee for the rights of national, ethnic and religious minorities within each of them; e) to ensure that the rights of the individual and of minorities be guaranteed by the Republics and by the autonomous regions.