Radical participation to #RomaPride 2015

As usual, the Radical Association Certi Diritti participated in the 2015 edition of the Roma Pride. The demonstration allowed us to publicly revendicate, in a day of festivities and celebration, the associations' fights regarding sexual freedom and the struggle against any form of sexual phobia. In addition to the Roman representatives for the Radicals and Certi Diritti, the Radical delegation was composed of Rita Bernardini, Radicali Italiani Secretary and former President of Certi Diritti and Antonella Soldo, President of the National Committee of Radicali Italiani.

On our website you can find our objectives for this year. I recall that all our work is voluntary and that it is only through self-financing that we can obtain the economic resources and help to promote more initiatives. I therefore invite you to become a member or to give a free contribution for our campaigns.


Translation: Laura Harth