On 30 August 2008, the last day of the 6th month of the Tibetan Calendar, Tibetans and Tibetan supporters will join together in a world wide symbolic 12 hours fast and prayer service. The purpose of this Fast and Prayer service is to purify negative actions of all human beings particulary of Tibetan and Chinese people and to multiply our collective good Karma.

Mr. Kok Ksor, President of the Montagnard Foundation joins this peaceful action in support of the oppressed Tibetan people. Accordingly to date over 5000 Degar Montagnards in Vietnam’s central highlans have joined in solidarity with this peaceful action, namely 372 from the district of Song Hinh in the Province of Phu Yen, 1065 from the district of Krong Pa in the Province of Gia Lai, 876 from the district of Ia Pa in the Province of Gia Lai and 2270 from Dak Lak Province.

In addition, around 600 hundred members of the exiled Montagnard community in North and South Carolina will also join the 12 hours fast and prayer service.

Mr. Kok Ksor, President of the Montagnard Foundation states, “The initiative undertaken by the Tibetan Government in exile of a direct nonviolent action for peace, freedom and autonomy for Tibet and the world deserve our full support to contribute to stop violence and political repression in Tibet and elsewhere . The Tibetan struggle for religious freedom and an autonomous political status is also the struggle of the Montagnard people who have suffered a similar occupation by the Vietnamese Government over the last decades. I join the Dalai Lama in this fast and invite all oppressed people and the people who live in the free world to support the nonviolent struggles for freedom and democracy that take place in the world because these initiatives represent a concrete alternative to political violence, war and terrorism”