Parliamentary question by Maurizio Turco (NI) to the Commission and answer given by Mr Patten on behalf of the Commission

Parliamentary questions
by Maurizio Turco (NI) to the Commission
(30 October 2001)

Subject: Clarification of the reply to Oral Question H-0751/01 concerning UNIDCP activities in Afghanistan

Further to the clarifications which it provided in its written reply of 2 October 2001 to Oral Question H-0751/01(1), to the effect that it has funded projects in Afghanistan, would the Commission now state:

1. what the objectives are, how many projects are involved and how much they are costing;
2. who has organised and implemented them; and
3. under which budget heading they have been funded?

(1) Written answer of 2.10.2001.

Answer given by Mr Patten
on behalf of the Commission
(11 January 2002)

The Community currently finances no project specifically related to the fight against drugs in Afghanistan. Moreover, the Community is financing actions in favour of uprooted people in this country, on the credits available under budget line B7-302, which can be of benefit to those populations suffering as result of the poppy ban.

These actions, their location, their costs, as well as the organisations which carry them out, are displayed in the table which is sent direct to the Honourable Member and to Parliament's Secretariat.

On the base of the adoption of the Regulation 2130/2001 of 29 October 2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council, on operations to aid uprooted people in Asian and Latin American developing countries(1), new NGO projects in favour of the Afghan people totalling some 20 million are in the process of being decided by the Commission, to be financed on the resources of the same budget line for 2001.

(1) OJ L 287, 31.10.2001.