Parliamentary question by Marco Cappato (NI) to to the Council and answer

Parliamentary questions

by Marco Cappato (NI) to the Council
(22 July 2002)

Subject: Freedom of expression and the Internet

Following the publication on 25 October 2000 of a report in the "Osservatore Romano" - the daily newspaper of the Roman Curia - of an article on "blasphemous" websites, the Italian financial police, after about two years' investigations, has ordered the shutdown of five US-based Internet sites.

Does not the Council consider that these provisions are contrary to freedom of expression, as guaranteed by the international instruments concerning human rights, in particular Articles 6 and 7 of the Treaty on European Union and the Charter of Fundamental Rights? If so, what steps does it intend to take?

(16-19 December 2002)

Article 33 of the Treaty of European Union does not allow the Council to intervene in the maintenance of public order and security in the Member States.