Parliamentary question by Gianfranco Dell'Alba (ARE) to the Commission and answer given by Mr Marín on behalf of the Commission

Parliamentary questions
by Gianfranco Dell'Alba (ARE) to the Commission
(27 August 1996)

Subject: 1997 preliminary draft budget

In the light of the breakdown of appropriations in line B7-6210 (North-South cooperation in the fight against drugs), can the Commission say when and how it decides to take action (selection of projects, beneficiaries, resources made available by the EU and/or third parties etc.) and indicate the amount allocated by the Community to the United Nations programme for the international control of drugs?

Answer given by Mr Marín
on behalf of the Commission
(2 October 1996)

Further to its communication of 6 July 1994 to the Council and Parliament, (1) in June 1995 the Commission sent both institutions a proposal for a Regulation governing the use of budget heading B7-5080 (re-numbered B7-6210 as of January 1996). (2) The original Commission proposal was recently amended on 9 September, under Article 189a(2) of the Treaty, in the light of Parliament's opinion of 19 April. The adoption procedure will continue, in accordance with Article 189b.

The main principles governing project financing under budget heading B7-6210, set out in the proposal, are that Community operations should complement those of the Member States, within the overall framework of priorities set by the European Council, and support partner countries' national strategies for combating drugs. They should be consistent with internal Community measures and policies crucial to the effective combating of drugs, for example action to combat money laundering and the diversion of trade in chemical precursors, and they should support operations in the partner countries by the United Nations or other international agencies involved in the fight against drugs.

These factors are considered, together with the intrinsic value of each project and the Commission's experience to date, when selecting projects for financing each year under the said budget heading. The projects selected are either identified by the Commission or proposed by non-governmental organizations, countries requesting cooperation, research institutes or other organizations.

Between 1987 and 1995, ECU 76.6 million was spent under budget heading B7-6210, of which 45% was allocated to projects run by NGOs. The United Nations International Drug Control Programme received roughly a quarter of that heading's funds and should continue to do so.

Project selection for 1997 is still in progress, and will reflect not only the criteria and principles outlined above but also the conclusions of the Florence and Dublin European Councils, particularly as regards projects in the Caribbean and Latin America.

(1) SEC(94) 1106.
(2) OJ C 242, 19.9.1995.