Pannella: “I ask to the Minister Frattini to come with me to Bagdad and meet Al Maliki, to avoid the death penalty for Tarek Aziz and the others condemned with him

Marco Pannella, in his speech at the IXth Radical Congress has announced that he can stop his hunger and thirst strike, that has been going on for five days and that started the 1st of October as hunger strike , if the Minister Frattini comes with him to Bagdad for a meeting with the Premier Al Maliki to avoid the death of Tarek Aziz and the others condemned one week ago to the death penalty by the High Criminal Court of Baghdad.
Wednesday 27th October and Thursday 28th October the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate voted a resolution that committed the government to make every efforts to avoid the Death Penalty for the ex- deputy premier Tarek Aziz, Saadun Shaker, ex Minister of the Interior, the Saddam Hussein ex confidential secretary, Abdel Hamid Hamud and in order to take a death penalty moratorium in Iraq.

Translation:  Elisa Corrà