Motion unanimously approve by the Senate of the Radical Party, Meeting in Rome on August 9th 2007

The Senate of the Radical Party, acknowledging the very difficult political situation in which federalist, reformer, socialist, liberal, secular and radical movements find themselves, which is burdened with natural and consequent difficulties of organizational economic and financial order; acknowledging the fundamental contribution given so far by Lista Pannella in guaranteeing the life of the constituent members of the Radical Party:

In the pursuit of the liberal and libertarian political battle of the Party, gives mandate to the Presidency of the Senate to continue to implement technical and administrative measures intended to the rationalization and transformation of the organization and structure of the radical area in order to further limit the administrative costs of the different constituting subjects, as well as the general debt with banks, suppliers and creditors;

Commit all the constituent members of the area to undertake a joint subscription campaign for the year 2007-2008 to be defined in its operational modalities.

Gives mandate to the Presidency to inform the members of the General Council in a large and systematic way, both by email and letter, on the initiatives undertaken by the Party and its constituting members starting from the activities carried out since the General Council held in December 2006, and to start the preparation of publications that can present the objectives, initiatives and members of the Party also to its members;

Decides to join the ownership, administration and valorization of the “stocks”, data banks and archives of its constituent members – whose transfer is to be considered as a condition to be included in the Statute and – in view of the creation of the Foundation dedicated also to this.

Unanimously, accepts the proposal of the President of the Senate, Marco Pannella, to rearrange, two years after its foundation, the replacement of the Vice Presidents Marco Beltrandi and Marco Cappato, who were elected to the Parliament and are actively involved in their political and institutional responsibilities within the radical area, with Matteo Mecacci and Marco Perduca.

Decides, as far as it concerns to it, to make immediately applicable the change of name of the Party into "Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty", adopted with the political motion of the General Council of last December, and gives mandate to the Presidency to use it and have it officially used in all public communications by the official organs of the Party, and to immediately communicate this change to the UN Secretariat in order to also officially modify the denomination of the organization recognized by the UN Economic and Social Council.