Milan 24 february: Message by Umar Khanbiev

Dear friends! It is pleasant to me to be convinced and note once again your sequence in upholding principles of democracy. Your actions should cause admiration in normal people when you see how the governments of the European countries and institutes of protection of human rights have shut eyes to the scandalous facts of infringement of human rights in the Chechen Republic, being covered with propagation of the Russian mode about any " to struggle against terrorism ". Your diagnosis exact: there can not be a democratic behaviour at an antidemocratic mode. The proof to that is that a genocide of a Stalin mode of 1944 not the first and not last page of a genocide in history of Chechen people. The genocide of Chechen people proceeds and today, but in more refined form and in greater scales. Antinational путинский the mode became possible because of absence of democracy in Russia. That the Chechen Republic became free, Russia should be the democratic country. Otherwise, dates of a genocide will simply vary. I express you the admiration. Unfortunately, I can not be with you in this day, my movement is limited by one of the governments of the "democratic" countries. Yours faithfully, Умар Ханбиев