On 2 June last, over 1000 people joined a nonviolent “Grand Satyagraha” fasting and, at times reducing their medicines if ill, to pursue two precise objectives on which we would like to draw your attention and seek your urgent and necessary help.


Please read and consider what follows!

On 1 December 2005, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe expressed its concerns for the situation of the rule of law in Italy with the verbatim motivations:

“The Committee noted that despite the efforts undertaken by the authorities, a solution will not be found in the near future to this problem which constitutes a real danger for the respect of the rule of law in Italy.

The Committee also stressed that the persistence of the situation clearly highlights the structural and complex nature of the underlying problems and that an interdisciplinary approach and commitment at the highest level, involving the key actors, is required for its solution.”

In truth, thanks to the comprehensible caution of the language and the understandable political and institutional implications that such a statement would have raised, the Committee of Ministers intended to warn the international community as a whole and not only to Italy or Europe

For these reasons we launched a hopeful appeal to the democratic public opinion, starting from the European Parliament. A classic pathology of democratic regimes that implode "by surprise" and that transform themselves into their opposite has been what led to the coming to power of of last century's fascist and nazi regimes in Europe.

In fact, the institutional and political situation in Italy is of such a nature that its tragic conditions manifest themselves with episodes that could be attributed to the decade of 1930s, to the fascist decade.

In Italy fundamental human, political and social rights are offended and negated by an oligarchic regime that is anthropologically obliged to violate also the highest institutional levels of its own legality.

A process of destruction of even the democratic process, which is undermining the democratic game, is at play in Italy: Europe should not sidestep for the second time a peril coming from a marginal State, at that time mainly rural in nature, and today one among the largest of the 25 that constitute the European Union.

The beginning of Camus' Plague is – as it was – a dramatic, tragic metaphor of reality: infested rats came then, as are coming today, in growing and visible numbers to exhale their last moments at our feet. They warn us of death, death for all. In the 1930s, the civil and democratic world did not pay attention to some Italian, and then German and Spanish, voices that were sounding the alarm calling for help.

We implore you to give us a moment of your busy time, which we know is filled with urgent matters that not always allow us to react constructively to critical situations to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

Probably we may be blinded by a process that is considered impossible by all, but considered and foreseen by us as certain. We hope so, but it is also possible that we are pointing at what is real for us, and maybe, also for you.

1. In Italy some 10 Million penal and civil trials are currently “ongoing” despite a classist amnesty represented by those that reach a "prescription". One Million over the last five years in constant and desperate increase.

2. In the Italian prisons the number of suicides is 18 times higher that in the surrounding society, despite an exemplary nonviolent struggle that has interested not only the 60,000 inmates, but also the over 40,000 between guards, policemen and medical and social and health operators all in agreement in calling for a series of measures and reforms to bring back the Italian prison system into a regime of constitutional legality.

3. In these days, eight Senators of the Italian Republic, regularly elected last 9 and 10 April according to the letter and the spirit of a bad electoral law, have been substituted by eight other Senators. The new Parliament is not even capable to convince the partytocracratic oligarchy to immediately rectify that "mistake". If that misdeed should be confirmed in today's Italy, a member of the EU, this "precedent" could serve as a justification anywhere else in the world for "other" authoritarian, fascist, nazi, militaristic, communist and similar regimes.


We are of the opinion that it is urgent to reach some practical conclusions of the analysis of the conditions in which Italy lies in accordance with the European jurisprudence, inscribing them in the legal framework of the duties and implications of Italy's being party to several international treaties. We are convinced that taking into consideration Italy's characteristics cannot be avoided any longer as, we believe, we cannot afford to be summary and superficial in our relationship and control of the necessary correspondences and institutional requirements imposed by the EU on those countries that are candidate to become EU members or with which we entertain bilateral relationships.

Italian institutions show us their constant flagrant delinquency in a strictly technical-juridical sense. Since 1980, the European Parliament, The Commission, the Council, the Court of Justice of the European Communities as well as the European Court of Human Rights have been asking an interruption of this situation of flagrancy receiving, as the only answer, the denial of any necessary structural reforms of those behaviors that are undermining the principle of legality, individual rights and the rule of law in our country.

We have publicly documented this reality for many years. Nothing has changed, and the situation is sliding into a direction that unfortunately Europe has already suffered last century because it did not face it when the time was right.

We ask for your HELP- AIUTO.

We need your help on our two objectives, both for the reintegration of the eight Senators and the immediate reform of our justice system in Italy, in order to create the possibility of the respect of these constitutive functions of the rule of law and democracy in our country. These objectives are, to date, endorsed and promoted by over 1,400 people that are participating in a “Grand Satyagraha”, a nonviolent initiative that sees them in hunger strike and in auto-reducing their medicines, if ill, and that includes several MPs as well as other politicians, intellectuals and inmates all over Italy.

The solution we are proposing could be an amnesty or a similar measure that could reduce the number of ongoing trial to 5 Millions, and the number of inmates by a third bringing some relieve to a situation where there occur serious and unbearable violations of individual rights. In truth (we know that you think that we are being sensationalistic and that we appear "excessive”) Guantanamo represents the ultimate synthesis of how, in the name of liberty and freedom and security, we can become even worst of those against whom these intolerable realities are built, maintained, tolerated and justified.

To conclude, we believe that is it dangerous to ignore, not only in Russia but also in other Caucasian, Asian and African countrie,s that we continue to absolve and define "democratic" behaviors that in reality perpetrate today those institutional crimes against which the European Union herself has been constructed.

Thanking your for your time and consideration, we look forward to your reply and, possibly, to concrete actions of support, suggestions, further queries on our incredible, but real, Italian reality.

For the Italian Committee of the “Grand Satyagraha” for legality in Italy.

Marco Pannella and Marco Cappato

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