Marco Perduca: Second letter from the Committee of Presidents of the Transnational Radical Party regarding the Congress in Tirana

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Dear friends and fellow radicals,

On September 26th, during a hearing at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former-Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic mentioned Emma Bonino by manipulating statements she made seven years ago regarding the massacres that took place in Sebrenica. On July 15th 1995, Emma Bonino actually accused the Serbian regime of genocide and reported the disappearance of around 15,000 Muslims. Emma made these statements while visiting the Muslim enclave of Tuzla to examine the situation of refugees from Sebrenica. Emma has asked for the possibility to formally respond before the UN Tribunal to the lies of Milosevic, who was indicted for crimes against humanity and genocide in 1999 following a worldwide mobilization launched by the Transnational Radical Party and No Peace without Justice.

Over the last few weeks, Emma interrupted her stay in Cairo to attend the first Worldwide Women’s Forum on Globalization in Mexico and had a series of important meetings in New York. As of October 9th, Emma is the Chief of the international team of observers responsible for monitoring elections in Ecuador.

At one year the arrest of Olivier Dupuis in Vietnam and other members of the Transnational Radical Party in Laos, and just a few days from our Congress in Tirana and to prepare it politically we have organized a seminar on the freedoms denied in Vietnam, Laos and Burma. This meeting involved several prominent members of the Transnational Radical Party such as Mr. Vo Van Ai (spokesperson for the Unified Buddhist Church in Vietnam), Mr. Wei Jingsheng (President of the Chinese Overseas Coalition for Democracy), Mr. Kok Ksor (President of the Montagnard Foundation) and Ms. Vanida Thephsouvanh (President of the Lao Movement for human rights), who have worked hard for years to ensure that peace returns to their countries and that a process leading to democracy can begin.

The patrimony of battles and hopes we have come to know thanks to the nonviolent initiatives of Olivier has been enriched with experience and has led to numerous subscriptions, urging the opening of a “front” in Southeast Asia.

On September 21st, we launched World Day of nonviolent struggle for freedom and democracy in Vietnam. According to our friends, this was the first-ever mobilization of non-Vietnamese people since the Vietnam war. This day of non-violent opposition was supported by over 4000 people from 103 countries and involved hundreds of people demonstrating outside Diplomatic Missions of Hanoi in a dozen cities to put an end to the Vietnamese war against freedom and democracy, but also to force European institutions to urgently respect their legality and thereby ensure that the so-called “human rights” clause is implemented and the rule of law respected.

The largest Radical Demonstration on September 21st last was organized in Washington D.C. thanks to the immediate participation of over 600 Montagnards, 70 of which are members of the Party, and which involved speeches by Kok Ksor, Vo Van Ai, Wei Jingsheng and anti-prohibition leader Arnold Trebach.

Professor Trebach decided to once again subscribe to the Transnational Radical Party after a number of years of absence, on June 26th to celebrate the world day against drugs and reestablish relations with radical anti-prohibition militants. We decided to re-launch the International Antiprohibitionist League with him and others who joined the IAL in the early 1990s to re-propose reform of the UN Conventions on drugs; starting from Europe. Over the last few months, Marco Cappato, MEP has launched a transnational network of Parliamentarians for Antiprohibitionist to coordinate a political mobilization in view of the assessment of five years of Pino Arlacchi’s drug-related UN policies.

In order to reactivate the IAL and promote a series of parliamentary initiatives, we have convened an antiprohibitionist meeting on October 15th and 16th at the European Parliament to re-propose a punctual and concrete initiative to review the international conventions on drugs in a radical manner.

Since last July meeting of the General Council in Rome, we have also made significant progress on our researches and proposals for scenarios concerning the globalization of democracy. During our Congress in Tirana, we will discuss and approve a document to be presented by Emma Bonino at the second meeting of the Community of Democracies in Seoul next month. A group of our researchers - including Professor Ahmed Ziauddin and fellow TRP members Mariacarmen Colitti and Matteo Mecacci - spent the whole summer working on a document, which is now ready and will soon published online. This texts contains a survey of existing organizations and mechanisms on Human Rights and provides a series of proposals regarding a world organization of democracies for democracy. This proposal - which Emma will present to the 107 countries attending the Seoul meeting- is the one that will be adopted by the Congress.

At the same time, in Tirana, we will need to formalize the decisions made during the first session of the Congress in Geneva regarding our Statute creating a Senate for representatives of all the Radical Associations. We should also outline future initiatives and plan an extraordinary Congress in New York involving the participation of scores of representatives from oppressed populations, as announced in July.

In these days we are publishing at drafts of the reports and motions prepared by Members of the Committee of Presidents Danilo Quinto, Sergio Stanzani, Oliver Dupuis, Marco Cappato and Marco Perduca. We encourage you to read them and promptly send your comments in order to commence debates on our proposals as well as on other pre-Congress documents that will soon be available.

Participation in the Congress in Tirana means taking part in decisions that will form the future of the Transnational Radical Party, providing concrete support to a political project that can be shared with new companions and regards issues not of concern to the media, “everyday politicians”, and the places of power, issues that are on the other hand urgent for millions of people such as the globalization of freedom and the globalization of the only institutional framework that can guarantee its enjoyment: democracy.

It is important for you to confirm your attendance at the Congress in Tirana and immediately book, especially taking advantage of our excellent conditions. I shall look forward to your reply.

With my best wishes,

Marco Perduca
On behalf of the Member of the Committee of Presidents of the TRP