Khaled Fouad Allam: unheard voice

«After Charlie Hebdo office shooting in Paris, Western countries cannot stand by anymore», that is the last warning by Khaled Fouad Allam, Muslim world sociologist of Algerian origin, writer, journalist and former member of Italian Parliament. We will feel lonely without him.

Fouad Allam has been a keen intellectual, since the early 2000s he was member of the Nonviolent Radical Party transnational and transparty. He died on last 10 June morning in Rome because of a disease afflicting him for a long time. He has been an unheard voice. Long time ago, as an Arab liberal intellectual, he warned against imminent dangers posed by jihadism.

In his book «Il Jihadista della porta accanto» (The Jihadist Next Door), Fouad Allam says Western countries have underestimated ISIS threat, its proselytism ability and the radicalisation of Muslim youth in Europe. In his essay, Fouad Allam analyzes what he considers a new form of totalitarianism growing within globalization. He argues why this new form of total power, surrounded by a deafening silence from Western governments and a Europe which «doesn’t know what it would like to be», seems to be destined to recruit more and more new supporters among the new generations living in our countries.

Despite historic relations since Prophet Mohammed time, Fouad Allam writes about a «symbolic border between Europe and the Muslim world» and he warns against a divorce between Europe and Islam, «a divorce between history and memory». The Muslim world has not yet become a common memory for the Western countries, despite being part of its history. His latest work, «Corano segreto» (Secret Kuran) will be published by Piemme in September. In this book, Fouad Allam analyzes most controversial Kuran lines. Fouad leaves the world of culture with an immense void. In a very difficult moment for humanity, in a world bleeding because of horrible violence, we will miss his forward-looking and lucid analysis and his precious contribution to peace.