Item 10: Economic, social and cultural rights. China, statement of Ciping HUANG.

Commission on Human Rights
59th Session

Statement of the Transnational Radical Party
delivered by: Ciping Huang

Thank you Mme.Chairperson,

My name is Ciping HUANG, I am speaking on behalf the Transnational Radical Party.

The Chinese government is denying the basic human, social and cultural rights to our fellow Chinese, including the right to education.

Education in the poor and remote areas is at a low level. In some areas, children have to quit school due to the lack of money, as little as the cost of 5 eggs. Recent studies conducted in 9 poor provinces show that 10% of rural children have never enrolled in primary school and 35% cannot finish nine years of basic education.

Discrimination against females is evident in difficulties for girls to get an education, not to speak of selective abortions or many baby girls left to die because of China's one-child policy. Even the Chinese government's census data demonstrates that girls have less probability of enrollment at all levels of school, especially in the poor areas. This contributes to turn millions of young teenage girls into a cheap labor force. Such girls are exploited physically, psychologically and sexually, they even get raped. Their suffering and the lack of respect engendered by their low social status causes low self-confidence and a high suicide rate. In fact China has the highest female suicide rate in the world. Even with a college degree, for female students it is much harder to find a job, not to mention a desirable job. I was one of them myself.

The "compulsory education" guaranteed by law is an empty promise.
Entry into the better schools often requires a sponsorship fee of 50000 to 2000000 Yuan RMB which is equivalent to years, even decades of income for an average family.
According to statistics for 2000, Chinese universities can have a yearly intake of only 4-6 % of all high school graduates. This limited space causes high competition between students and huge tuition fees for under-grads.

Another approach of the government to deceive the Han Chinese consists of providing much worse education conditions for Chinese minorities, considered as "less human". The refusal of teaching native languages to minorities such as Tibetans and Uyghurs is only one of the many ways for the Chinese government to intentionally destroy their cultural identity and pride.

Chinese government denies not just the access to medication in pandemic crises, but also intentionally blocks information without caring about the tragic consequences. As a result, millions of lives are ruined by the spread of HIV/AIDS. The recent cover-up of the emergence of the SARS virus caused deadly damage not only to the Chinese, but also to the whole world.

Low pay and scant regard of teachers' status leads to a low standard of teaching and a disproportionate number of students for every teacher. It is not unusual to hear of middle-aged teachers that die after a long struggle with heavy duties, especially in ordinary schools or remote areas.

Nevertheless, in the name of education, Chinese authorities further abuse Chinese human rights. There are many activities and events aimed nominaly at helping poor areas, such as the "Hope Project". The Chinese government had even decided to stop this project in the face of overwhelming public outrage at the corrupt way this project was administered. Yet, the reporters who publicized the scandals got punished and the project - the government's excuse to be free of responsibility for offering minimal education - was resumed and continued to be a means of further corruption.

Mme Chair, the Chinese government claims to invest a lot in education. However, more of this funding was consumed in "business banquets" and other scandalous events than in education itself.

The Chinese government is powerful and effective in suppressing people's human rights and dissidents' voices. It has failed miserably to carry out its education promises, and did not fullfil the Covenants it has signed with the United Nations for the rights of the child, and promotion of the enjoyment of the cultural rights of everyone and respect for different cultural identities, as well as the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. The Chinese government signed the latter Covenant 23 years ago, yet women's situation has been only worsening.

Mme Chairperson, the Transnational Radical Party therefore urges to the Commission to pay attention of these human rights abuses by the Chinese government. We ask the Commission to monitor and help the enforcement of the basic rights of the Chinese people.

Thank you.