Israel, Palestine, the Middle East

Israel, Palestine, the Middle East (For a life of rights and the right to life) ABSTRACT: There is one truth for which the Radical Party has campaigned which the majority of people are only just beginning to recognise: Israel, despite everything, is an island of democracy in an arab world where human rights are brutally supresssed and considered to be blasphemous. In the horrific picture which the African continent represents, a picture of famine and dictatorship, South African perestroika potentially stands for the hope and affirmation of the rule of law and for the construction of a hypothetical federal system for southern Africa. It is a movement that defends human, civil and political rights everywhere in the world which is one of the principal objectives of transnational action. Democracy and rights, a life of rights is not only a luxury but a primary necessity, a condition that cannot be foregone, in the north and south of the world, to liberate the cities from violence, to end war, poverty and hunger and to construct a world of well-being and justice for all. (The Party New, n.1, June 1991) The condition of the people, men and even more so, women, in all the "sovreign" and independent states of the Middle East, from Iran to Yemen, from Iraq to Syria, from Saudia Arabia to Kuwait, is one of almost total oppression, without rights or freedom. For all these states Israel is the historic enemy also because it is a state of secular political democracy. Certainly, there are major forces working against rights, political democracy and secularism and there exists a party structure which poses the same threats as those seen in Italy. However, it remains the only democratic and vocational constitution in the region, which can offer peace. The Radical Party proposes that, in Brussels, Strasburg, Rome and Tel Aviv, as well as other European capitals, there should be a call for Israel to become a member of the European Community, as equals to the twelve member states. Only in this way will it be possible to guarantee, structually and definitively, the security of this small country which finds itself surrounded by mortal enemies. Furthermore, a conference for peace in the World, as proposed by the "pacifists", which would be attended by the representatives of dictatorships and oligarchies should not be held. Rather, there should be a United Nations conference which guarantees the civil political, social and constitutional rights of the inhabitants of this region, from Lebanon to Iran. The United Nations should equally guarantee the democratic freedom of the Palestinians so that they be allowed to choose, but within a framework of liberty and rights. The same goes for the Kurdish and Lebanese peoples.