German edition of "The responsibilities of freedom"

The German edition "The responsibilities of freedom", the book-length interview by Giovanna Casadio and Emma Bonino has been published on May 15th. The title of the publication is “Freiheit verpflichtet. Gespräche mit Giovanna Casadio” (Europäische Verlagsanstalt, 208 pagg., ISBN-13: 978-3863930547, translation by Davide Miraglia and Bettina Jänisch).

Compared to the Italian edition, the German one includes a small but valuable novelty, which is an appreciative and passionate afterword by Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Member of the European Parliament since 1994 and co-president of the European Greens since 2002), entitled "La Bonino".

As co-translator of this volume, I only hope this German edition may render a fitting tribute, also in the German-speaking world, to Emma Bonino, whom is unfortunately little known in Germany. All too often Italians abroad are confronted with the saddest stereotypes and misdeeds of our politicians, and I wonder if the translation of this book may finally enrich the themes of political debate in our conversations with German speakers.


Translation: Laura Harth