General Council: Approved Resolution on South East Asia

 The General Council of the Nonviolent Radical Party, transnational and transparty (NRPtt), meeting in the Senate of the Italian Republic in Rome from 28-30 May 2010, is deeply concerned that many peoples of South East Asia, a region known for its economic growth, remain under totalitarian or authoritarian rule, deprived of basic political freedoms and rights.

In Burma, the military junta is preparing to hold unfair elections in an attempt to legitimize its unlawful regime. Nobel Peace prize laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi remains under house arrest, and her party, the National League for Democracy, has withdrawn from the elections in protest against the undemocratic process. In Cambodia, farmers are victims of illegal land confiscations, and opposition voices are stifled by means of threats, repression and sham trials. The case of opposition leader Sam Rainsy, condemned on trumped-up charges of border encroachment is a clear example. In Laos, the government stifles all democratic freedoms and ruthlessly represses the H’Mong minorities. In Vietnam, freedom of expression, opinion and religion are systematically abused, despite Vietnam’s adherence to key UN human rights treaties. Buddhist dissident Thich Quang Do is under house arrest after 28 years in detention for his nonviolent advocacy of democracy and human rights. The indigenous Dega people, or Montagnards, suffer severe discrimination in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Over 300 Christian Montagnards are detained for peacefully protesting government violence or expressing their religious beliefs, and many are victims of torture. Members of the Khmer Krom community are arrested, harassed and denied legitimate citizenship rights. 
These abuses are particularly disturbing given the establishment of the region’s very first human rights mechanism, the ASEAN Intergovernmental Human Rights Commission (AIHRC). As President of ASEAN in 2010 and Chair of the newly-formed AIHRC, Vietnam has a special responsibility to set an example in the promotion and respect of human rights. The General Council affirms the commitment of the Nonviolent Radical Party, transnational and transparty;

- In Italy to urge EU Special Representative to obtain unrestricted access to the Country also with the practice of nonviolence.

-  in Burma, to demand the military junta to allow truly democratic elections to take place, ensuring a level playing field to all political parties, including the National League for Democracy, and immediately release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi;
-  in Cambodia, to press the government to cease the unlawful suppression of  opposition voices, and lift all charges against opposition leader and NRPtt General Council member Sam Rainsy;
-  in Laos, to demand that the government puts an end to repression against the H’Mongs and initiates a process of democratic reform;
-  in Vietnam, to press for political freedom and human rights, and extend full support to NRPtt partners and General Council members Vo Van Ai and Que Me: Action for Democracy in Vietnam in campaigning for the release of Buddhist leader Thich Quang Do and others detained for nonviolent advocacy of democracy and human rights; to Kok Ksor and the Montagnard Foundation (MFI) in demanding the end of persecution against the Montagnards and the release of 300 Montagnards prisoners; and the Khmer Krom Federation in its efforts for the freedom and respect of the Khmer Krom people.