Gaddafi - Berlusconi: Pannella, I was overwhelmed with shame.

President Berlusconi,

As I was listening your conference with Gaddafi I was overwhelmed with shame. You stated repeatedly that not only the two States, but also the “two peoples”, Italians and Libyans, are united in the celebration of the agreement between the Italian Republic and the Jamaria. That qualifies you, at best, as the heir of the “Graziani” of the particratic adn non-democratic Italy that you are running today. In so doing you represent the Italian people just as much as Gaddafi does with his. Don’t be offended by this comparison: it’s yours!

If a reckless dictator represents for you his people as much as the Prime Minister of a Republic with a democratic Constitution, you bring back the memory of the fascist man who granted nice vacations to his opponents: Matteotti, Carlo and Nello Rosselli, Ernesto Rossi, Alteiro Spinelli, Sandro Pertini and thousands more, all of them on anti-fascist holidays.

We know so little about Libya. We do not know whether the victims of your great personal friend are more or less than those killed by us Italians. However there are other Africans, such as Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalians, whose parents knew the “decency” of that colonial era.

I want to stress that I’m not disputing, as it happens in Parliament, the principle and the commercial side – which include positive aspects – of the agreement. What I am against is the serious and superficial cost, utterly intolerable, that you are imposing on all of us to the detriment of international democratic standards and, to put it more simply, to the civil and moral ones.

Mr. President, I know that D’Alema too thinks that Libya is “strategic”; but I ask myself how far you can go and I wonder whether you have crossed the line that separates you from being just another Gaddafi or a “Graziani” whatsoever.

Indeed, you have turned yourself into a man capable of anything, truly anything. This may let our heroes sink in the oblivion, and with them democracy and legality. I’m afraid this is what you have become and I fear that somewhere ahead a chasm awaits you. We will do everything we can to prevent you from falling – and us with you – as it normally happens to people like you. Armed of nonviolence and tolerance I trust we will succeed. And hopefully we will manage to help the two peoples not to follow your destiny.