The continuously celebrated cultural partnership between China and the EU by Mrs. Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for education and culture, seems to go without taking in any consideration the cultural and political genocide that Beijing has been systematically implementing as its cultural policy against Tibetans and Uyghurs.

The Italian Radical MEPs tabled a question to the European Commission asking for guaranties on the respect of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity as well as on fact that the EU/China cultural cooperation will not be used by Beijing authorities as instrument for the cultural and political genocide against the Uyghur people. The Radicals also addressed a letter to Commissioner Reding inviting the European Commission to establish a dialogue with Uyghur representatives.

For the last half-century, according to Mr. Enver Can, President of the East Turkestan National Congress and member of the Transnational Radical Party General Council, the Communist regime of Beijing has been actively pursued the cultural and political alienation of Uyghurs, with measures such as forcibly sinicization of Uyghur names, abolition of Uyghur language teaching at higher education, destruction of Uyghur cultural heritage in Kashghar and other cities, the burning of tens of thousands of Uyghur language books, forced change of the Uyghur alphabet.

Text of the question to the European Commission:

"How does the Commission intend to ensure that the future UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity will be an effective tool against such heinous crimes of cultural and political genocide?"

Within the framework of enhanced cultural cooperation with China and on the basis of the publicly available information on the matter, does the Commission not consider that a preliminary study should be carried out on the extent and forms of the current cultural genocide in China, in order to ensure that EU cultural cooperation with China will never directly or indirectly give momentum to the cultural alienation and criminal sinicisation of the peoples of China?"

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