director of the Members of Parliament Union (MPU-Burma)

1958 Dec 25: Born in Pa-An, Karen State, Burma
1982 Dec: Earned M.B.B.S from Institute of Medicine II, Rangoon; Practiced Medicine in Rangoon and Pa-An until September 1988
1984 Jan: Founded the "Student and Youth Association" in Karen State of Burma and secretly educated members about democracy and human rights
1987 Mar: Detained shortly by Military Intelligence for such clandestine activities
1988 Aug: Led peaceful demonstrations in Karen State during the 1988 nation-wide pro-democracy uprisings in Burma
1988 Sept 22: Left for Thai-Burma border after the bloody military coup
1988 Nov 05: Co-founded a pro-democracy political organization (namely ABSDF) consisting of students, youths and intellectuals
(Resigned from ABSDF on 19 March 2001, and co-founded the "Network for Democracy and Development (NDD)", a political organization formed by former ABSDF members in late March 2001)
1989 Nov 30: Co-founded an environmental and human rights NGO (namely the Green November 32) on Thai-Burma border
1991 Jun 08: Co-founded a health NGO (namely Burma Medical Association-Liberated Area) on Thai-Burma border
1992: Co-founded a health policy-making body (namely National Health Committee) on Thai-Burma border. It consisted of health and education departments of various groups.
1996 Apr: Appointed as Director of Prime Minster Office (Bangkok) of National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB)
1999 Jan: Appointed as Director of Burma Office (Sydney) of NCGUB
2001 Jan: Appointed as Director of Members of Parliament Union (MPU)

Since 1988, I have been voluntarily working in various capacities for Burmese democracy movement on the Thai-Burma border and overseas until now. I am currently working as Director of the Members of Parliament Union (MPU). The MPU is constituted by elected parliamentarians (MPs) in exile who are struggling for the restoration of democracy, human rights, and federalism to Burma.
Some details of my previous activities are as follows:

- Administration and Policy development
- Promotion, prevention and provision of health care on Thai-Burma border
- Conducting health and human rights training for Burmese activists, IDPs and refugees, and nurturing health workers and rights activists
- Publishing health and human rights education materials and monthly newsletter related to Burma issue
- Networking with local and international Burma support groups
- Presenting at international meetings/seminars/forums/conferences
- Lobbying international community to support Burma cause
- Launching/assisting various campaigns e.g.
1. MP Solidarity Campaign
2. Boycott Burma's Products Campaign
3. Tourism Boycott Campaign
4. Release Political Prisoners Campaign
5. Nobel Laureate Campaign (dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi) etc.