Documentation on Radical initiatives given to Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando during the meeting on May 13

delegazione radicale

1) Latest statements (with attachments) submitted to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe with regard to the Torreggiani judgement (Bernardini/Rossodivita)

2) Exposé to the Court of Auditors on loss of revenue (Deborah Cianfanelli)

3) Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights on the expulsion of the electoral List Pannella from TV (Beltrandi / Studio Saccucci)

4) Draft exposé to the Court of Auditors for loss of revenue on waste pallets (Iervolino)

5) Right to Know: concept note  (Angioli)

6) Written Proceedings “Reason of State versus Rule of Law” 

7) Copy of the resolutions passed by the Lombardy and Liguria Regions and the Milan City Council on the biannual inspections in prison by the Local Health Assistance (Lucio Bertè)

8) Note on the next Hands Off Cain Congress (D’Elia/Zamparutti)

9) Message to the Parliamentary Chambers by President Giorgio Napolitano

10) Document by the National Anti-Mafia Directorate on the decriminalization of cannabis (from the annual report 2015) 

11) Appeals to national and international jurisdictions by the Luca Coscioni Association (Filomena Gallo):

a. Overall picture; 

b. Overview of the decisions on Law 40;

c. Amicus Curiae at the Interamerican Court for Human Rights on IVF; 

d. ECHR case Costa PAVAN; amicus curiae with the formal support of 60 Mps.

Full details on the cited documentation is available in Italian: click here.


Translation: Laura Harth