Cuba: Rome Declaration

Rome Declaration
15th May 2007
Transnational Radical Party Headquarters

Adopted on the occasion of
“Third International Conference for Trade Unions' Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility in Cuba” organized by the “Group for Corporate Social Responsibility in Cuba”
in cooperation with the Transnational Radical Party

We the undersigned participants of the “Third International Conference for Trade Unions' Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility in Cuba”.

In thanking the Transnational Radical Party for its long term struggle for Human Rights, freedom and democracy in Cuba, which has recently obtained another success with the demonstration in Havana last March 18 by members of Parliament and TRP representatives, we call for its urgent and necessary strengthening as a nonviolent answer to the repression still ongoing on the Island;

We welcome and support the decision of some of the most important representatives of the Cuban opposition to undersign the appeal “Unity for freedom” which, for the first time, unify them in the choice of a peaceful opposition to the Cuban Government, as the only political strategy that can guarantee a long term and sustainable democratic future in Cuba. We hereby commit ourselves to support this initiative and to promote it both inside and outside Cuba;

We believe that the European Union’s Common Position towards Cuba, which includes direct relations both with the Cuban Government and with NGOs and civil society, should include a larger and more concrete support from European Union Member States towards the Cuban opposition;

In this direction, we ask the Italian Government to support the Parliamentary initiative of its Deputies Mr. Sergio D'Elia and Mr. Bruno Mellano belonging to the Rose in the Fist parliamentary group, which entails that the Italian Embassy in Cuba should offer assistance services, starting with the use of Internet and the financing of democracy education and information projects to NGOs and to the Cuban democratic opposition;

We support the approach that any improvement in the political or diplomatic relations with the Cuban Government must be subordinated, on the one hand, to the liberation of all political and prisoners of conscience and to the formal launch of a dialogue towards the democratisation in Cuba, and on the other, to a firm commitment by the EU to support Cuban NGOs.

We call on all friends of the Cuban people to manifest their friendship, sympathy and solidarity for a campaign aimed at calling on the Cuban Government to ratify – and if ratified, to respect – without any reservations all international instruments related to the respect and protection of fundamental Human Rights, starting with the UN international covenant on civil and political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;

We call on Italian and European trade unions, to press the Cuban Government both directly, and through the international organisations they belong to - also at the UN level, - to unconditional and immediately free the seven independent union leaders who are currently detained in Cuba for having established independent trade unions which can be established according to Convention 87 of ILO. In this regard, we also call for the activation of all appropriate legal measures in the context of the annual Conference of ILO at the UN in Geneva.

We call on the Members of the Italian Parliament to start an investigation aimed at examining the violation of basic workers rights by Italian corporations in Cuba, in particular the grave episodes of suppression of freedom of expression by TELECOM Italia, through its participation in the Cuban Telecom Company ETCSA.

We commit ourselves, also through the work of the Transnational Radical Party, to promote in all relevant EU Institutions a campaign to protect Human Rights in Cuba, taking into consideration the current political situation, and to stress the necessity of a Moratorium of death penalty in Cuba;

We call on European States, NGOs and public opinions to put pressure on all foreign investors, in particular the Europeans, to respect in their projects and firms in Cuba the fundamental Rights recognised by international law, that are not respected in the present situation and in any case to put pressure on the Cuban Government to make this happen:

1. Right to freely establish a Trade Union;
2. Right to strike;
3. Right to collective negotiation;
4. Freedom of expression;
5. Abolition of all labour exploitation against Cuban workers both on the Island and abroad;
6. Abolition of mandatory minors employment;
7. Abolition of workers' discriminations on political, racial, religious and sexual ground;
8. Support environmental protection in economic activities.

Osvaldo Alfonso, gia’ Presidente Partito Liberale Cubano, Miscellanea de Cuba
Jose Altamirano, Federación Argentina de Petrolero y Gas Privado, Argentina
Lindsay Arnold, Responsabile del programma su Cuba, International Republican Institute
Juan Benemelis, GIRSCC
Tomas Bilbao, Direttore Esecutivo Cuba Study Group
Joel Brito, Direttore Esecutivo GIRSCC in Cuba
Anibal Cabrera, Direttore Internazionale Confederazione dei Lavoratori del Venezuela
Marco Cappato, Parlamentare Europeo, Membro Commissione Esteri
Jose Collado, Presidente GIRSCC, Cuba