Present Distinguished Professor, Myongji University
2005 Co-Chair of Seoul Summit Organizing Committee
1998-2000  Ambassador to Russia
1979-1995  Professor, Seoul National University
1967 PhD in History, Harvard University

Kang Cheol Hwan (Mr.):
Present Co-Chairman, Democracy Network against North Korea Gulag
Author of The Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag
Journalist, the Chosun Ilbo, South Korean’s largest daily newspaper
2005         Executive Director of Seoul Summit Organizing Committee
1977-1987 Detained at Yodok political prison camp in North Korea

Kim Sung Min (Mr.)
Present  President, Free North Korea Radio
Graduated from College of Kim Hyungjik Education, North Korea
General, Chosun People’s Army, North Korea

Son Jong Hoon (Mr.):
Brother of Jong Nam Son, a man on “death row” in North Korea for alleged crimes of treason and spying for South Korea.  His brother is specifically mentioned in the June 15, 2006 European Parliament Resolution on human rights in North Korea. (*see attached page for further details of this case)

Jung Me Suk (Ms.):
Ms. Jung was born in Pyong Sung, South Pyong An in 1976.  In North Korea, she was a dancer for a culture group that released propaganda under the city office of Pyong Sung.  She went to China and was picked up and sold by traffickers multiple times.  She entered into South Korea in 2002.

Yung Ho Kim
Foreign Affairs, Seoul National University
Master of International Politics at Boston University in U.S.A
Doctor of International Politics at Virginia University in U.S.A
Professor in Political Science and Diplomacy, Sungshin Women’s University
Chairman, NewRightThinkNet

Hyun Uk Kim
Doctor of International Politics at Vienna University in Austria
Former Chairman, Foreign Affairs & National Unification Committee
National Assembly, Republic of Korea (4 times elected member
President, Catholic Prayer Vigil for Human Rights and Democracy in North Korea
President of Supporters Council, Catholic Foreign Mission Society of Korea
President, Interl. Forum for Foreign Affairs & National Security

Seung Yong Lee
Pusan National University, Management
Field Manager for aid and research about defectors and human rights of North Korean, Good Friends
Director of Research Department, Good Friends
Instructor in History at Hanawon, Ministry of Unification,
Project Coordinator  Peace & Human Rights, Good Friends

In Ho Lee
Ph.D in History Harvard University, U.S.A
Ambassador in Finland
Ambassador in Russia
Co-chairman, Seoul Summit: Promoting Human Rights in North Korea
Distinguished Professor, Myongji University

Mi Il Lee
Ewha Women’s University, the Dept of Clothing & Textiles, College of Home Economics
1st grade Certificate of Qualification of Social Welfare Worker
Preparatory Officer, Seoul Summit: Promoting Human Rights in North Korea
Director, the Heemang Nursery
Chairman, Korean War Abductees’ Family Union

Doo Ah Lee
Major in Law, Seoul National University
Excutive Officer, Seoul Summit: Promoting Human Rights in North Korea
Manager, North Korean Human Rights Subcommitte, Korean Bar Association
Organizer of Administering Affairs, The Lawyers for Citizens