Become member to organise these ideas, this party new

Become member to organise these ideas, this party new

Anyone wishing to become a member of the Radical Party, or requiring further information, should complete the form that can be found on this page, cut it out and send it to one of the following addresses, or use the stamped envelope enclosed in this journal.

Radikalis Part, Tanacs Krt 9/IX
1075 Budapest
tel 36/1/1229497 fax 36/1/1226828
(languages spoken: English, Italian and Hungarian)

Parti Radical, Rue Belliard 97, 113 Rem 508
1040 Brussels
tel 32/2/2304121-2843173 fax 32/2/2303670
(Languages spoken: English, French and Portuguese)

Partito Radicale, Via di Torre Argentina 76
00186 Roma
tel 39/6/689791 fax 39/6/6545396 telex 610495 PRLIFE I
(Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, Italian)

Radikalni strana, Krakovska 9
110 00 Prague
tel/fax 42/2/2361445
(Languages spoken: Italian, English, Czech, Slovack, Russian)

Radikalnaja Partija
Nagatinskaja Nabereznaja, 58, kp2, kv 119
117133 Moska
tel/fax 70/95/1176895
(Languages spoken: English, French and Russian)


In those countries with non-convertible currencies, or where transfers abroad cannot be made, fees can be paid through international reply coupons, postal orders, bank cheques or cash, to the addresses above.
For all other countries payment can be made by:
- crossed cheque or postal order made out to
PARTITO RADICALE and addressed to
Via di Torre Argentina 76
00186 Roma
- bank transfer to current account number 10/504169 in the name of PARTITO RADICALE at Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino, Rome branch.

Radical Party membership fees

The XXXV Radical Party Congress, held in Budapest in 1989, decided that the "minimum membership fee should be equal to 1% of the pro-capita Gross Domestic Product for the country of residence".
This calculation for the minimum fee applies only in those countries which are members of the World Bank and that have market economies. In other countries this calculation would produce fees that compared unfavourably with local average incomes, being proportionately three to four times higher.
For these latter countries, a minimum provisional fee has been fixed; it will remain provisional until all criteria have been examined and considered in terms of what has been established by the statute. It has, therefore, been possible to fix the minmum fees, in local currency, only in the following cases:

Andorra 444 French francs
Austria 2,215 schillings
Belgium 6,200 Belgian francs
Vatican City 208,000 Italian Lire
Denmark 1,480 Danish crowns
Finland 983 Finnish marks
France 1,090 French francs
Germany (lander Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Würtemberg, Bayern, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein) 379 German marks
Greece 10,453 dracma
Ireland 61 sterling
Iceland 267 dollars
Italy 208,000 Italian Lire
Liechtenstein 231 Swiss francs
Luxemburg 7,100 Belgian francs
Malta 21 Maltese lire
Monaco 613 French francs
Norway 1,568 Norwegian crowns
Holland 331 Dutch florins
Portugal 6,451 escudos
United Kingdom 91 sterling
San Marino 208,000 Italian lire
Spain 10,450 pesetas
Sweden 1,495 Swedish crowns
Switzerland 447 Swiss francs
Turkey 47,081 Turkish lire

For these other countries the "provisional figures" (in local currency) are the following.

Albania 71 lek, Bulgaria 58 Lev, Czechoslovakia 365 Czechoslovak crowns, Germany (lander Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringen) 225 German marks, Poland 73,000 zloty, Romania 365 lei, Hungary 730 Hungarian florins, Yugoslavia 365 dinars, USSR 25 roubles.
From initial information we have received we foresee, that after all criteria has been considered in the next few weeks, these "provisional figures" will have to be significantly increased.