For The Antiprohibitionist Reform Of The UN Conventions On Drugs

I would certainly like to congratulate you, Gianfranco, Olivier and all of you for this splendid and very necessary realization you are developing in this place.

I think it is obvious for most of us that the present state of things is good for those who want to fill a prison, is good for those who want to make illicit profits on the trade and it is also very good to waste a lot of public resources into this lost war.

In this respect I would like to tell you that I have just read your paper and that I think you are absolutely right.

If we wouldn't have that many people trying to see where is this drug pehraps they could have known about the plans of Bin Laden to attack the US one year ago.

The relation between terrorism and drugs is exactly like what you said which is very good what you said, I think we should said that because people are not stupid and I think they will understand. It is certainly good for making a nightmare of lot of people that suffer from drug crimes from people that have to steal because we have prohibition and we have this status of trade.

It is very doubtful that this policy is helping none to get out to any drug dependency whenever it exists.

So I think we have to debate this and that you are very welcome to do what you are doing.

I would like to denounce that threat that I think that all of us have received.

I think it is a threatening tract that was delivered to all of our mailboxes today.

Pehraps you did not get it and you will find it when you will be back to your mailbox.

It ends this way: "We, the undersigns, represent million of European citizens who will not accept that our elected politicians get involved in poor drug activity in the European Parliament aiming at liberalizing drug law".

I think this is unacceptable and we should denounce this to the Presidency of this Parliament as a totalitarian mentality that some people want to impose in this Institution.

This is absolutely not acceptable.

I don't want to interrupt anymore your work but I would like to tell you very frankly "Go on" since I think that our society needs what you are doing. This policy is leading us nowhere.

We really need something different.

Thank you.

Paulo CASACA, European parliament PSE deputy, Portugal

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