Abductions and "Cleansings" in the Chechen Republic


CHECHNYA, Grozny. (InformCenter SNO). On the night of September 13th in the Michurin Oktjabrsky settlement of Grozny, representatives of the authorities seized and took away four people without explanation. They arrived at the settlement in cars with tinted glass and no license plates.

On the evening of September 11th, in a village of the Serzhen-Jurt Shalinski area, there was a collision between “Kadirovites” and a group of the Chechen insurgents. According to eyewitnesses, during the fighting a representative of the authorities was wounded. At once, numerous divisions of various power structures began to be pull together.
Local residents are afraid that within the next few days, large-scale “cleansing Operations” are possible here. They assert that within last month “cleansing operations” have already detained several people. They were tortured and beaten, and not all were released. The fate of two arrested young people is still unknown.

Translated by OM Kenney [2004-09-14-Chech-06]