At 90 years old, I become a criminal

At 90 years old, I become a criminal

On Sunday, June 7, I will turn 90 years old; I was born on another Sunday, 7 June 1925. It seems impossible, I cannot manage to convince myself... But, when I look back and see all those events and persons, I believe that I lived 90 times 365 days, plus 22 days for each leap year: 32.872 days.

I have alway been a calm, law-abiding citizen: I respect the rules,  I pay my taxes honestly and on time. As a result I have been called an example by some, and ridiculed by others, as is both understandable and normal.

At this time in my life however, I have become a "criminal" in breach of article 73 of the Iervolino Vassalli Law, amended by the Radical referendum in 1993, and then further modified by the Fini Giovanardi Law, defined unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

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Translation: Laura Harth