8 February - Berlusconi sends a memorandum on the exile proposition to Gaddafi in Tripoli


Berlusconi sends a classified memorandum to Tripoli ‘mentioning a resolution which Saddam Hussein could accept’. There is some talk of a site in Libya where the Rais could find refuge. Gaddafi has taken it upon himself to discuss this with the person concerned despite not having had a response up until now. In fact, if no response comes from Tripoli, he has it in mind to approach a more direct speaker: Tareq Aziz. Igor Man in La Stampa: ‘The Prime Minister [Berlusconi], reveals that he is in the middle of a significant diplomatic operation: Berlusconi has asked Gaddafi if he would be prepared to be the “intermediary”. In truth, it would be a question of putting pressure on Saddam Hussein until the dictator succumbs to (a golden exile) so that the innocent Iraqi people who swear (on the Koran) to love him more than he loves himself (and someone perhaps believes them) can be saved. Apparently Gaddafi would be “prepared”, in as much as he would send his Foreign Minister (the poet and diplomat who has already been a warmly welcomed ambassador to Rome) to the Prime Minister’s working headquarters in via del Plebiscito. Our Prime Minister would entrust Shalgam with a type of memorandum to deliver urgently to the Colonel. Could nothing be done by fax or e-mail or in coded message? No: email is now an open book; it would be better to turn to the communication methods used during the times of Lawrence of Arabia. It was said that the initiative came from Gaddafi. At the African Summit in Addis Ababa, the Colonel, replied to the unfaltering CNN’s questioning that he was prepared to be the mediator. “I would like to save international peace” , he said. Our Prime Minister immediately jumped on the chance to speak to Al Qaeda to whom, let’s say, he warmed during the last state visit to Tripoli. [...] If Saddam decides to go into exile at the last minute there is always the palace Gaddafi had built in Tripoli? We will find out soon’.

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