39° Congress of The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnazional e Transparty. Recommendation on Tunisa

The Tunisian people has just caused the fall of its dictator Ben Ali and keeps fighting to dismantle the mechanisms of such decade-old dictatorship, in order to establish a democratic system, as its sacrifices and ambitions deserve. As in every revolution, the process currently underway in the Tunisian society is not immune to internal and external threats alike:

• Dictatorships and despotic systems in the Arab countries, alike their supporters in Europe, North America and the rest of the world fear that the desire for freedom and the social and political aspirations underlying the Tunisian revolution may infect other peoples, threatening their interests in Tunisia, Maghreb, Arab countries, Africa and everywhere in the world.
• Domestically, it should be stressed that the Tunisian revolution stems from a spontaneous movement that was not initiated by any formal political or social force ; still, some could be tempted to go back in time : this ongoing movement may be threatened by extremists or reaction forces in the attempt to detour it from its democratic goals, or to reinstate the regime the revolution is dismantling or to establish a new dictatorship.

Without discussing the differences of opinion among the social, political, intellectual and civil expressions of the democratic revolutionary movement in Tunisia; without taking sides in the debate between these latter and the transitional government or those who support it, on one hand, and those who refuse to integrate it or oppose to it on the grounds of its legitimacy or who try to influence its action forcing it to comply with the social and political demands and the democratic objectives of the revolution:
• we, friends of Tunisia, as participants in the congress of the NON VIOLENT, TRANSNATIONAL AND TRANSPARTY RADICAL PARTY, hereby express and declare our SUPPORT TO THE FIGHT OF THE TUNISIAN PEOPLE FOR EMPLOYMENT, FREEDOM, DIGNITY AND DEMOCRACY and invite to :
• remain vigilant, expressing our support to the Tunisian people against any attempt to halt its revolution, in order to reinstate the regime it is getting free of or to impose a new dictatorship which disregards its social and political demands and aspiration to a democratic life, based on the respect of freedom and individual and collective rights, a common asset for mankind.
• organize solidarity actions with the Tunisian people, both through public events or by responding to every form of help our Tunisian friends may need.
• demand from our governments, the European Union and the international community the adoption of measures required to return to the Tunisian people, as soon as possible, the assets and capital robbed and taken away by Ben Ali’s family and their mafia, wherever those assets were invested or placed; and never again close the eyes on the embezzlement and stealing of funds by corrupt Tunisian or other governments; warn against any foreign intrusion aimed at destabilizing Tunisia, influence its domestic affairs or impose choices contrary to its democratic ambitions; provide the economic aid the Tunisian people needs to redress its economy, resume its activities and stand pressure aimed at making the revolution fail.
• We request Tunisian authorities, whoever they are:
- to listen to people, respect fundamental rights, first and foremost the freedom of expression and association, in order to peacefully give voice to people’s desire to be in control of their destiny,
- avoid any delay in introducing reforms complying with the movement motto: EMPLOYMENT, FREEDOM, DIGNITY; to create jobs, especially in the most disadvantaged regions; lay the foundations for organizing true democratic elections at the soonest, in line with the desire of the social, political and civil expressions of the Tunisian people: this should be the number one priority during the transition period.

• The transitional government has already taken significant measures and we are pleased with such developments:
• release of all political prisoners of Ben Ali regime, and return of those in exile,
• official recognition of all political parties and associations which submitted a specific application for such purpose
• lifting of restrictions upon the press and mass media,
• steps aimed at dismantling dictatorship mechanisms, i.e. the dissolution of the only party in power since the independence; nationalization of its assets; removal or mandatory retirement for ministers, police and government top officials, hostile to a democratic turn of the country; proceedings initiated against Ben Ali and its accomplices, for they can be tried and the assets they had stolen and deposited abroad returned to the Tunisian people.

We request such authorities to do more and declare a general amnesty, rehabilitate the victims of repression and arbitrariness from the independence to date, promote a climate conducive to true democratic elections.

We do hope that our Tunisian friends can defeat the temptations that distorted other revolutions: public lynching, revenge, out-of-court seizure, purge, showdowns often started by the « revolutionaries of the 25th hour”; this has always led to new forms of arbitrariness, injustice and tyranny. By trusting justice and respecting human rights, including the rights of those who disregarded them in the first place, Tunisians will become a role model for the world: a peaceful, democratic revolution led by people loyal to its inspiring principles. In this respect, we salute the appeal of lawyers, the first ones who offered their support to the rising of Tunisian people against Ben Ali dictatorship.

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