2nd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council: Statement by the Transnational Radical Party on the situation of human rights in Burma

Delivered by Matteo Mecacci, Un Representative

The Transnational Radical Party regrets the fact that the Special Rapporteur has been repeatedly prevented by the Burmese Government from carrying out his mandate. The visit of the Undersecretary Gambari should not be used by any Government to hide this unacceptable behavior, and the Human Rights Council should adopt concrete actions to convince the Burmese Government to cooperate with UN mandates and most importantly to ensure the respect of international human rights laws.

But besides this, what is most worrying is that despite the conciliatory tone of the statement of the Burmese representative here in Geneva today, the harassment of democratic activists and politicians continues without any pause. The continuing detention and restrictions posed on the Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Su Kyi, a democratically elected leader illegally removed in 1990, clearly demonstrates the will of the Burmese Government not to restore democratic institutions.

All democratic countries represented in this Council should act to support all democratic forces, in Burma and abroad, to solve a longstanding crisis that the Burmese Government is unwilling to tackle.

Country specific resolutions have helped to stop human rights violations in many parts of the world and the Human Rights council should not give in to the requests of non democratic Governments that are trying to undermine its works.

From the report of Mr. Pinhero, and from numerous independent and reliable sources the grave human rights violations against indigenous peoples, human rights defenders and politican opponents, clearly deserves the adoption of a resolution and we hope that the Special Rapporteur will support it