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Brussels AntennaEUEuropean Federalism Sit-in for a federal Europe
Brussels AntennademocracyKanambayeMalisecularism Sit-in for a secular and democratic Mali
Brussels AntennaCollective of Malians of BelgiumdemocracyMali Brussels Antenna to attend the demonstration of the Collective of Malians of Belgium
Brussels AntennaMarco CappatoMina Welby The book "L'ultimo gesto d'amore" presented in Brussels
AntiprohibitionBrussels Antennadurg policiesGlobal CommissionIDPC The Antenna in a workshop in Brussels on drug policies
Matteo Angioli
Brussels AntennaEuropean parliamentEuthanasiaMina Welby Meeting Mina Welby and Marco Cappato on June 5th & 6th in Brussels
AntiprohibitionBrussels AntennacannabisEuropean UnionMaastrichtMarco Cappato Marco Cappato's civil disobedience in Maastricht
AppealBrussels AntennaEuropean Court of Human RightsStrasbourg Save the European Court of Human Rights