Press Releases

02/28/2013 Brussels Antennafreedom of expressionVietnam Report: "Vietnam: Bloggers and Netizens behind bars"
11/27/2012 Brussels AntennaGMOsMaria Antonietta Farina Coscioniscientific research European Parliament: debate on GMOs with Hon. Maria Antonietta Farina Coscioni
11/27/2012 Brussels AntennaDeath PenaltyElisabetta ZamparuttiEuropean parliamentIraqStruan Stevenson 2012 Report on the death penalty by Hands Off Cain presented at the European Parliament
11/01/2012 Brussels antennacannabis Tourists remain welcome in Amsterdam coffee shops
11/01/2012 Brussels AntennacannabisCappatoJosemans Netherlands, weed-pass: only Amsterdam says no, for now
10/06/2012 BrusselsBrussels AntennaOlivier Auvray 2012 Brussels municipal elections