Press Releases

06/28/2012 Brussels AntennaEUEuropean Federalism Sit-in for a federal Europe
06/23/2012 Brussels AntennademocracyKanambayeMalisecularism Sit-in for a secular and democratic Mali
06/22/2012 Brussels AntennaCollective of Malians of BelgiumdemocracyMali Brussels Antenna to attend the demonstration of the Collective of Malians of Belgium
06/05/2012 Brussels AntennaMarco CappatoMina Welby The book "L'ultimo gesto d'amore" presented in Brussels
05/29/2012 AntiprohibitionBrussels Antennadurg policiesGlobal CommissionIDPC The Antenna in a workshop in Brussels on drug policies
Matteo Angioli
05/14/2012 Brussels AntennaEuropean parliamentEuthanasiaMina Welby Meeting Mina Welby and Marco Cappato on June 5th & 6th in Brussels
05/01/2012 AntiprohibitionBrussels AntennacannabisEuropean UnionMaastrichtMarco Cappato Marco Cappato's civil disobedience in Maastricht