The Brussels Antenna of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty does what it says on the tin. On the one hand, it captures signals from Brussels and amplifies them through the Radical Party and its constituent bodies, some of which are already very active in Europe (as shown by No Peace Without Justice). On the other, it transmits those elaborated signals though the formidable menu of EU-related campaigns, ideas, and initiatives generated within the Radical Party.

The 39th Congress of the Radical Party, celebrated in two sessions in 2011, has yet again called for the federal vision of Europe, the diffusion of human rights, democracy and rule of law on the different sides of the Mediterranean sea, and a global policy for the EU, in the Middle-East as well as in Asia. Inside the EU, we see the danger of restricting digital and physical liberties, and the degeneration of our democracies into 'real democracies' - in the same way socialist countries generated “real socialism”.

Brussels has always been at the centre of many key initiatives : Marco Pannella and the Radical Party succesfully involved European institutions in initiatives including against the campaign against world-wide hunger, for the establishment of the International Criminal Court and against impunity for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, and again for the adoption of a UN universal moratorium on death penalty. Emma Bonino contributed innovatively to a re-definition of the role of the European Commissioner, reinvigurating the political scope of this role. Beyond the Parliament and the Commission, the presence of the radicals in Brussels has been felt in many ways, often with grass-roots initiatives that started from very small numbers, but gradually won the hearts and minds of MEPs, civil servants, diplomats and, of course, citizens. Suffice it to mention the campaigns for a the “United States of Europe”, for a “Free Tibet in Free China”, for the respect of minorities adn unrepresented peoples such as the Montagnards of Vietnam and MEP Marco Cappato's 2008 Report on human rights, which committs the European Union to promote nonviolence as the most approriate tool to secure their enforcement, exercise and respect.

There is no shortage of items on the agenda of the Antenna. But we need the lava of passions and individual commitment. This is an invitation to join us, whether you live in Brussels or work on EU issues somewhere in the world, whether you agree with us or want to just to know more about us. Contact us, step in and start to act. You don’t have to pay a membership fee to join the Antenna. If you wish, you can support us by manking a donation. Of course. we will encourage you to become a member of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty.

We are not an intellectual club. We are not a research institute, nor a think tank. We are not a group of federalists who feel very sorry for themselves and celebrate the past. We are transnational radicals!

Brussels Antenna


Cannabis: Netherlands and Belgium, where did we leave off?

As reported previously, since 1 January 2013 the residence-criterion for visiting and using within coffee shops applies to the entire Dutch territory. The introduction of the criterion is the result of a tightening up of the Dutch policy of tolerance with regard to the use of cannabis and other soft drugs.


SOS Italy: one week hunger strike relay from the UK to Belgium. Amnesty for the Republic and referenda

SOS Italy: a 7-day hunger strike relay from the UK to Belgium. Amnesty for the Republic and referenda


Emma Bonino appointed Foreign Affairs Minister

Emma Bonino has been appointed today Foreign Affairs Minister in the new Italian Government, formed by Prime Minister Enrico Letta.

Best wishes Emma!


European Parliament condemns violations of human rights, freedom of expression, religion and assembly in Vietnam

Vo Van Ai and Penelope Faulkner, President and Vice-President of Que Me Action for Democracy and members of the General council of the Radical Party issued the following statement when at its plenary session in Strasburg today, the 754-member European Parliament adopted an Urgent Resolution on Vietnam strongly condemning a wide range of human rights violations and asking the EU to “assess the compatibility” of these violations with the new EU-Vietnam Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) which conditions trade and diplomatic rel

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