02/01/1992 The Party New Nonviolent action in Osijek
08/25/1988 Notizie radicali We all need truth, even the culprits
03/05/1986 Notizie radicali A "task force" for life is needed
01/27/1986 Notizie radicali The Dupuis affair
04/01/1983 "Single issue" booklet for the XXXV Congress of The Radical Party To help Andropov or to build peace?
09/03/1982 Notizie radicali To guarantee law and truth
07/25/1982 Il Manifesto From divorce to hunger
07/13/1982 La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno BESIDES HUNGER, SILENCE ALSO KILLS
12/15/1981 Notizie radicali Considerations, remarks
03/01/1980 Il Messaggero Letter to the Messaggero
04/06/1977 Notizie radicali Our brothers the soldiers
01/15/1969 Notizie radicali The Braibanti affair